Cyprenne interview.

This is a Face Down Musik interview with one of our artists on our team, just to get a insight into hes career, music, life, and future. Cyprenne was happy to answer any questions, and we hope hes fans will appreciate the honesty of this real talk! No fakes round here! Check it out, maybe it will help on your music or your views of this artist.


What made you want to become a rapper/artist?
As I’m growing older being 23 now I’ve seen a lot of changes. Many are blind to those and music is the gateway of helping those to listen and understand. I chose to be an artist to help others feel their not alone with what they experience and a person who others can relate to
When was the first time you tried rhyming? 
The very first time I was with a friend called prince, we had a close friend who is an artist and we just played a beat on a phone and went round in a circle. It was embarrassing but there is a first time for everything.
Do you feel that music helps you express yourself?
definately.. If I feel a pain, sad or happy I try my best to turn my emotions through lyrics because somewhere out there wherever in the world there will be someone who is or has felt what I’m feeling at the present time.
Where do you see yourself heading with your music?
I like to think positive but reality is reality. I try 2 avoid subjects over money because that’s a day to day grind for myself and family but I’d like to be able to be stable and help those in need. Even channel AKA sounds amazing just so people have the chance to see that even if you haven’t gone to university it doesn’t make you stupid or less fortunate.
Do you have any heroes/inspirational people?
Most definately. My father who has always put the biggest effort into providing for me and my brothers, my nan who was an amazing mother and grandmother and musically tupac. All those people past and present represent the real meaning of never giving up.
Do you have a motive or plan in life? 
Yes, most people say to be rich but for me comfortable. I live life one day at a time and try to keep plans to myself otherwise they seem to backfire. Keeping positive and moving forward is the only way, if you pay attention to the past you live backwards then nothing will change.
What’s the most important thing to you?
My two beautiful children. Of course my family but my girlfriend of 10 years is the perfect role model and mother to those girls.
Where are you from originally?
My father is a greek cypriot and my mother is irish and english. I grew up in north west london all my life but have lived in cyprus for 3 years overall.
What are your views on music today? 
Personally all I hear is people raving on about is money. Yes we all need it to live, but there are a few out there who need to be more noticed and respected lyrically. Its like people only like the way it sounds, listening to the beat and not the lyrics. Myself in my songs I talk about situations that have happened to me, others close to me, what I have seen and felt and will do in future time.
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