Supream interview.

Another Face Down Musik interview with one of our artists on our team, Supream was happy to answer any questions, and we hope hes fans will appreciate it. Supream is a busy man and we want to thank him for hes time to get back to us for this interview.
Check it out, maybe hes music will help you with your musical talents, or your change your views of this artist.
Where are you from?
Born in London, lived in elephant castle for 5 years then move to Eastboure.
What made you want to become a rapper/artist?
I found inspiration from other rappers, Tupac, B.I.G. are the ones I look up to, they share their emotions through rap and I think personally thats why their still one of the best rappers about back then. Growing up listening to them inspired me massively.
When did you start your first musical/rap experience?
I started rap when I was 14/15. It wasnt till I was 16 I recored my first track about an ex girlfriend of mine. I got alot of feedback from people say how they relate to that song, which was incredible to me.


Who has been your idol/inspiration? My idols I looked up to like I said are Tupac and B.I.G. their have always been a massive inspiration to me since I was very young.

What kind of music do you wish to make?I would like to do abit of everything, mixing rap with different genres is an unique thing to do. Id like to get involed in different styles of music so I can share rap music with people who are in to rock, dance ect and hope I can reach out to them.

What do you want from your music? 
What I want from music is to bring people together and change lives. Im hoping to do it through music, I feel its the best way to express my emotions and reach out to people he don’t have the strength of courage to get on in life.
What’s the hardest thing to overcome do feel in the music game?
I think the hardest thing to overcome is the first steps. Making music, tryin to get out their and reaching out to people is hard. I talk to alot of people who have problems, any sort of problems. I try to help them and give some faith, I always come away with different problem everytime, and it gives me different ideas and a wider layout to what people go through. And again thats where some of my inspiration comes from.
What can your fans expect from you in the future? 
They can expect more music from me and other artist featuring in a few of my tracks. Soon be record in a new track with Cyprenne and Double DD called Be Somebody. Music video will be coming out with that to.
When will we expect a mix tape? 
Im hoping for a mix tape this year sometime. Im currently working on new tracks at the moment. But I will be working on one real soon so watch out for the Supreamify mix tape.
Please check out Supream’s music on…

OUR TEAM ON TWITTER: @facedownmusik and check out artists on the team > @supreamify @cyprenne



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