Roads to Ruin interview.

Contacting this band was a pleasure, they really was happy to answer any questions and got back to us very quickly. Roads to Ruin were formed in December 2012 by friends Jason, Tommy and Liam, who decided to make music together after previous bands broke up. Danny replaced a former member to complete the current line up in May 2013. Check out this interview with these amaing guys who are obviously on the up!! KEEP IT LOCKED!!

What is Roads to Ruin?
We’re an Alternative/Rock/Indie band from Eastbourne, East Sussex.

When did you get started?
We’ve all been in other bands but Roads to Ruin got started about December 2012 after previous bands split up

How many people are there in the band?
4. Jason – Vocals/Guitar, Tommy – Guitar, Danny – Bass, Liam – Drums

What made you all start music?
J: I was one of those kids that always played air guitar to music in my room, and then when I got a guitar, I just practiced and practiced. I think some part of me thought it would make me cooler if I could play guitar. It might help me out with the ladies. Didn’t really work much haha. With singing, it was just a case of being the best singer in the band I was in at the time and nobody else wanting the job.
T: The other kids thought it was unfair that I was so good at football that I needed to pick up a new hobby
D: I always liked the sound of a guitar solo, so I bought a guitar and started playing
L: I got my first drum kit from my uncle for my first birthday and haven’t stopped since

What have you achieved so far?
We’ve played a number of shows across East Sussex…

Have you worked with other artists?
Not really. We’re hoping to collaborate with our friend Jack Ripley (Vocalist of Set Your Sails) on a song which we’re testing live for the first time this Saturday (22nd June), and that track will be probably be on our album whenever that comes around.

What would you say has been the best thing to happen so far?
J: I’d say the Brighton gig. At Latest Music Bar. It was our first gig in a major city (if you can call Brighton that). The crowd were awesome and I loved every minute of it.
T: We had 4 gigs in the space of 3 days. That was pretty fun
D: Joining the band
L: I suppose the best thing to happen so far or my favourite moment is every time we play ‘Recovery’ live at The Counting House. It’s my favourite of our songs and it goes down really well with the crowds.

What kind of music will Roads to Ruin make?
J: I’d say it’s hard to put us in a particular genre because we have songs that span genres. Some of it is Alternative, some of it Rock, some Pop/Punk, some Indie. But when you hear all of the songs, there is an element that despite their differences, you can still hear ‘us’ in them. Probably makes no sense haha
T: Our back catalogue is quite eclectic, we have some mindless heavy material, but we can also do some mellow stuff too. Liam’s taken this further by writing a love song!
D: We have kind of an Indie/Rock feel
L: Metal!! No, I wish we could but we’re more of an Indie/Punk band but I’m hoping to play more punk as its fun to play

What can your fans expect from you?
We’ve got some big shows coming up over the summer months and we’re aiming to get some new material out. It’s been hard for us as we’re constantly writing and we’ve got all this new material but we’ve not been able to record it so hopefully when it reaches the fans’ ears, they’ll love it as much as we do.

Where do you feel you’re heading?
J: I’m not quite sure. We’ve got some big shows coming up over the summer so we’ll see what happens after those
D: We’re heading towards just getting more shows and getting our name well known.
L: At the moment, not very far. I think with a little more hard work and perseverance, we’ve got the potential to go far. I want to be touring soon. That would be an amazing experience, to just go out and see the world with the guys.

What’s up next for your fans?
Lots and lots of shows. Hopefully an EP. Check out our Facebook and Twitter for details on or @Roadstoruinuk

Are you all good friends outside the band?
J: Yeah, I’d say so. There plenty of banter between us which helps the band dynamic.
T: Nah not at all, I even try to avoid talking to them at band practice.

What would your dream come true be for Roads to Ruin?
J: I’d say to continue to be able to make the music we love and to play shows to large amounts of people. If we end up getting signed or making more money, then that’s only a bonus. Playing Glastonbury would be mental though.
T: A headline tour of the Philippines
D: To really get out there, get our name well known and play to larger audiences.
L: If we played Glastonbury, it would be a dream come true for me. It’s a festival that I’ve always wanted to play.


Go ahead and check out there various social network profiles, find them on:
Youtube: RoadstoRuinUK
Twitter: @RoadstoRuinUK @JRGuitar22 @T__ommy @DanW388312 @123MrAvery
Audio Rokit:
Reverb Nation:
Big Cartel:
Instagram: RoadstoRuinUK, JRPayne93, 123MrAvery, T__ommy
We’ll be launching our official website very soon!!
CHECK THEM NOW!! Great bunch of guys with a big future ahead of them, a band to watch!



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