D.Vocal interview (usa).

We have had another great interview with a multi talented man called D.Vocal from  Columbus, OH. This man has some really great music for all ages to enjoy as well as haveing a passion for music he is also a amazing real life artist. D.Vocal was a great person to interview with a real talent with hes music, you can hear the emotions and feeling that is put into everything he does. D.Vocal was such a gent to talk to on a personal level. Please check out hes music, hes art work, and hes interview you will enjoy them all and really see what a amazing man this is. 


Who are you?

I started off with the name Mr. Secret but later changed it to D.Vocal.

Are you from the US right?

yes, im on Columbus, OH.

What was your first music experience?

I remember being younger and going places with my father. He would always be playing music in the car, whenever I would ask him who It is he would know their name at the drop of a hat. I liked the sound of what I was listening to so I asked, but also surprised at all he was familiar with. My mother also sang, but very rarely.

When did you start your musical journey?

I didn’t start until 5-6years ago, but didn’t work on putting things out because of school and also not having a producer.

What kind of music do you make?

If I could make up a genre, I would call it Soul Electronica if its not already out there, but you could call it R&B.

Do you have any musical icons/idols?

Sade Adu is my favorite artist of all, but my taste is very broad. I listen to everything from Ethiopian Jazz, to Dubstep, DownTempo, R&B, Reggae, Dancehall, Hip-Hop, Pop, J-Pop, Classical, I even have a favorite Classical Composer.

What is next for you in your music?

I feel like I always have a song floating around in my head, mine or someone else’s , so yea, new stuff is comin.

Your music is very calming and mellow, is this something you aim for?

Really I just go where the tracks take me, I think the listener should feel what they wanna, something they wanna hold onto.

Have you worked with any other artists?

I’ve done collaboration work with people on stage kind and with bands on improv stuff , and a couple tracks with people around the city that I’ve met.

What can your fans expect from you?

Another project.

Whats next in your musical career?

Well so far I have 2 mixtape CD’s done that have about 30 tracks put together that I’m going to be put up for free download soon, while also working on another.

On a personal note do you believe clear mind, body, and soul?


On your facebook page you have some artistic drawings is this part of your life also?

Yes, I went to school for art and have a Bachelor’s Degree in the Fine Arts. At some shows I do locally, I also have a table that I set up and sell my art.
Here is a link to my page you want to check it out.

Art Page:


Sound Cloud:





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