Double DD interview.

We caught up with Double D and asked a few questions about him and hes music, he has been working closely with Supream on various projects such as there recent bars video’s: This young man has got some really deep thoughts, and lyrics to match these thoughts check out our interview with him. With a deep flow of questions and answers what do you think?

Who are you?

my name is David fernandes

But they all call me double DD

Stand for David deep

What kind of music are you into?

I mainly listen to gothic rock and rap I’m inspired by artists such as evanescence and immortal technique his lyrics paticualy stand out to me, the way he used words and his over all views on life in today’s sociaty that I feel a close connection with.

What sort of music do you do?

My type of style is Deep and strong

And life .

What would you say sets you apart from other artists? I talk about secret societies and religious icons merge them together with day to day struggles.

When did you first start your musical journey? Only like 9 months back.

Have you worked with any other artists?

only my close friends but they are amazing artists, supreeme and supreme.

It’s a known fact by friends and family you had a near death experience, can you elaborate this?

for starters my heart stopped I suffer from a heart condition witch caused me to be closdified dead for around two minutes.

Do you feel any different after this experience, and has it opened your eyes towards life, love, family?

This experience has effected me more than I expected, it’s a very strange experiance that I won’t ever come close to feeling again. I felt the last beat of my heart, witch is a scary thought even now. I appriciate life more than ever knowing it could happen again at anytime, my family are very supportive. And now my lyrics just come to me, and now I have a more meaningful look over life

Have you got any dreams/goals you want to achieve?

I’m very abistios and I know what I want and will work to attchive this. One day I hope to be sucsessful in the music infestry. And work with other amazing artists That is my dream.

What do you feel is next in your music?

I have so many subjects maybe ,controversial ones that I want to speak about. I have fresh new ideas to bring to the market. This is what is next from me 

What’s would you say is the best thing you have done so far within your music career?

Well the sky is the limit and I am heading there but I am happy with my deep lyrics and making a music video soon so Yh

Have you thought about maybe a mix tape?

Yes I am thinking about doing one of them and sending them out

What would be a perfect outcome to all of your music?

My perfect out come would be to truth to myself and for the people following me I don’t want to be fake in what I am saying truth no lies when I talk on a track. But I would love to meet inmortal technique and rap with him.

Check out what Double DD has out so far with a lot more to come from this deep thinker:



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