Birdie Brietling interview

Here at face down musik we are always on the look out for fresh talent, so when birdie brietling contacted us on twitter we was keen to hear hes story. What a talent for one! and yet a great person to communicate with. Birdie brietling obviously has a great talent, with a lot more to offer, he will be one to watch with the plans hes got. You never know he may be all over the stage at the next wireless!! Check out what birdie brietling had to say when we caught up with him eventually! 😉 busy man.

Where are you from?

I’m from London, United Kingdom


When was your first musical experience?

My first musical experience was when i was 14 recording my freestyle.


How did the name come about birdie brietling?

One day I was playing the golf game on the Nintendo wii and I got a good score then a message came up on the screen saying ‘birdie’. That was the first time I came across that term so i was like hmmm, that would sound good for a name.  In golf, A ‘Birdie’ means 2 shots under par. It also applied to me that if I try something once and I don’t succeed the first time, then I will try the second time and succeed.


What made you choose music as a career?

It all started as from secondary school when almost everyone around me was rapping, I also listened to a lot of hip hop and idolized the bigger artists such as 50 Cent, Jadakiss, Dmx and others


What kind of music do you produce?

I produce hip hop music


Have you worked with any other artists?

Yes two other artists who I’m friends with


Have you had any inspirations or idols?

Yes, 50 cent, Jadakiss, jay-z, Gucci mane, hell rell and waka flocka


You made a track about fast cars, what would your perfect car be?

BMW drop, that car not only looks good, but it is also a fast car and it can be used as an every day car.


Is there any track you have done which has meant a lot to you?

Yes it was a track on my first mixtape called live by the proverbs where I was rapping about life with a minimal use of punchlines.


If you could discribe your mixtape in one word what would you call it?



Is there any other mixtapes or tracks you are working on that you think will be big?

Yes, there is a track from my third mixtape ‘XXII’  called ‘Neva end tho’ which has a very catchy chorus


What is next on the to do list for birdie brietling?

I’m due to release my fresh new mixtape ‘XXII’ on the July 22nd and also record and release my EP in the near future, do several shows, collaborations and go commercial


What can your fans expect from you?

Good music which is frequently released and also, going far within my music career


What would be a dream come true for you and your career?

Performing in front of millions of fans and making music with my favorite rappers and singers


Download Birdie Brietling Mixtapes :
“First Time”
“The Bird Print”
at :

Follow Birdie Brietling on Twitter : @MrBrietling

On Youtube :


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