Ryza (Ryan Witherspoon) interview

Here you go we have got in contact with yet another up an coming star! A risen star shall we say. This time we have found a young man with a lot going for him! Such as mixtape coming out, ALBUM coming out, performing on stag’s/gigs, as well as clothing line and all this through a passion for the music. This man has been through the hard times and music has helped pull him through, now hes passion and determination has taken over and you can hear the realness in hes music. Check out this interview and hes story as well as all that he is doing right now. Support an show respect where its due people!

Where are you from?

My name is Ryan Witherspoon and I am from Newcastle upon Tyne.

When did you first start your musical career?

I Started Music 1 year ago.

What sort of music do you do?

the music I do is RnB Hip Hop

Is music something you haved a great passion for?

Music Is everything to me it has helped me threw some of the low stages in my life stages when I thought no one else was around to help me but music pulled me threw

Ryza stands for Risen star this is a great name, how did this come about?

Ryza was a nickname from when I was young lad I was trying to figure out my stage name when I was writing and honestly it just popped into my head so I kept it but with Ryza aka Risen Star just sound clever

Have you worked with any other artists or do you plan to?

I have worked with the militants they mentored me threw my Mix Tape From Me 2 You which has been out for 3 , 4 months now I am planning to link up with a few other artist carn’t say names because it is a surprise

What can your fans expect from your music?

My Fans can expect something fresh New and something they can relate to something that has a meaning and a purpose

Whats next for Ryza?

well I have got an album coming soon called Be Some One Not Something and a Mix Tape called blackouttt I am also performing at the world headquarters in Newcastle upon Tyne on the 19th of October so be there support My Movement

Do you feel rap has changed over the years?

Rap has definitely changed over the years I feel now that its not just about the music people are talking more about Money girls ETC there all nice thing to have but people with nothing want to be able to relate to someone else problems and think dammm I’ve been there in that place were he is that’s good music

What gives you your inspiration for your lyrics?

The lyrics I write all mean the world to me I mean its my life I am sharing with the people so if I wasn’t hundred per cent true in what I am saying in my music I would be faking my life and telling someone’s else why do that when ive lived in struggle that’s why I give my honesty in all my music if people feel offend they don’t have to listen after all it is my story My life

How many tracks in total have you done?

28 tracks in total and still writing for the near future next year should be Brilliant for those who are following me look and follow @officalRyza

Your track “real talk” is a deep track, do you feel it explains some realness in your life?

Real Talk was a short insight of my life I feel I could of explained more of my life in detail It was an absolute pleasure listen to the finished project and will be promoting that more and more the track explains what’s happened in my life and how I’ve been let down by people

We recently looked on your page and noticed some clothing lines and wondered what it is? 

its my clothing line its called RCBB&W which stands for ( Real Crews Both Black And White I have some amazing artist and designers so I would like to say thank you to them but the label means a lot more in depth and meaning

If you have any questions or any thing you can suggest as well and we will add that to your interview and page on our site also?

I would like to take this chance and say thank you to face down musik for this interview.


TWITTER: https://twitter.com/OfficialRyza

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ryza/578760882133944?fref=ts

Check out some of hes music! Feel the realness in this!




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