Cara Braia’s interview

cara braia


We caught up this AMAZINGLY talented young lady for a quick interview, she was more then happy to serve her fans with this top interview. We was shocked when we first heard Cara’s music, so we decided to contact her, what a pleasure! Not only was she friendly, helpful, polite, but she expressed a true talent of kindness which can also be heard wihin her music. This is a must see for anyone, as Cara really has shown a passion for her music and her fans within this. She has gone through some tough times dealing with bullying and worked really hard on achieving her goals, so to say as drake does “started from the bottom, now she’s here”. You can be sure this young lady has a long road ahead but a promising  future.

What kind of music do you make?

I love making all kinds of music from hip hop to dubstep and dance, but i also play the piano so if there’s any thing troubling me on a bad day or if i ever feel like i need to make music there and then, i write a lyrical piece to the piano then build it from there. I love to collaborate with many different producers and artists so that my music never sounds the same.

When did you realise you had a passion for music and at What age did you start your music career?

I realised after starting ballet lessons and performing on stage for the first time aged 4. I  watched the older girls sing and act as main characters while i danced in the background. I told my mum, that was what I wanted to do, but I realised i had to work my way up until I was old enough to audition. I began singing lessons and performing local opera gigs from the age of 9. Just after turning 16 I wrote my first song ‘Doorstep’ along with the piano as a way to help me deal with bullying at the time. I discovered that if i sang my way through life, things would seem much better, and it has never let me down.
How is your music career going?
Absolutely fantastic. It’s very up and down, there’s times when i’m busy and it just gets busier to the point I feel like im living on my adrenaline, then it quietens down and then shoots off again. I enjoy every minute of the process, it’s so challenging but every step you make is just so rewarding. Don’t get me wrong It’s a very hard game you just have to be determined and work hard.
We have noticed that you have been on tv, how was this for you?
I have appeared on TV before on soaps, commercials and I was the weather woman for a Welsh comedy programme last year but this year was my first live TV appearance as an artist rather than acting as some one else.
I was contacted by ‘Idris Charles’ the producer of the S4C show ‘Heno’. He was absolutely fantastic with me, really pushed for me to appear on the show, helped me translate the song to Welsh and guided me through the whole process. The team were so supportive and being on live TV was so surreal, I left on such a high.
You have music on itunes, was this a big step in your career?
Yes this started the ball rolling, after this I created youtube, twitter and facebook page and began promoting my music on different social networking sites not expecting such a great reaction. I have now gained a great fan base around the world which is great, I love hearing how my music has helped others and I really enjoy it when i’m sent music from around the world to sing to. I also release my covers on soundcloud for free as people were asking where they could download them.
What can your fans expect from you?

Great music including different languages, genres and sounds each time. A great performance whether i’m performing a lively set or acoustic set. I plan on visiting the US next summer to meet up with some other artists so hopefully some great things will come from that.

You have made a cover of ‘wrecking ball’ we think it is great and better then miley cyrus, what did you think of miley cyrus’s wrecking ball video?

Thank you very much. I think we all struggle to find what kind of artist we want to be at some point, I guess Miley’s found who she really wants to be, she doesn’t want to be Hannah Montana any more. I’m not saying i totally agree with it due to the age of her fan base but we all do what we thinks best for our careers and hers is booming after her latest performances.

What sort of music do you listen to?

On a bad day i’ll listen to soul, lyrical basically any thing slow that i can relate to. Other wise I love grime, dub step, rap, hip hop any thing that has a great chorus or feel to it. Rudimental are my favourite right now, their album has a song for any mood on it I would love to collaborate with them some day.

Have you worked with any other artists or plan to?

I have worked with artists from US, France, Poland, Germany, Africa and i plan on continuing to work with those I have worked with before along with new artists and producers. It’s just so fun to hear the finished track when you’ve worked as a group rather than alone as every one has their own idea and input on the track.

What do you hope to gain from your musical career?

I hope to be able to continue to build my fan base so that I can continue to perform, inspire and eventually perform to crowds of thousands of people. My main focus is to never lose who I am, who I was and that, will make the person I will become so much credible and stronger as an artist.

Whats next on the cards for you?

I’m searching for the right management at the moment to help take my career to the next level and also guide me through certain things which I find hard to manage whilst I’m busy, at the moment it is a bit crazy managing myself. I’ll Continue recording and making music and I have worked on so many tracks over the last few weeks so hopefully slowly these will be released. There are also some great festivals which I need to plan for next summer.


Got anything new and exciting to share with your fans? 

Be sure to follow me on twitter, facebook and soundcloud to keep up to date with exciting things ahead and to be the first to hear my music, subscribe on youtube to see my videos. Please feel free to contact me on my pages i’d love to hear from you all.

Would you like to say anything to anyone or add anything? 

I’d like to thank you for interviewing me and every one out there who continues to follow and support me i’m extremely grateful especially to my family and boyfriend your support and love is what drives me.



HERE YOU WILL FIND ALL CARA’S LINKS: / (Under reconstruction hopefully back running by the weekend)



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