Ms Rea interview

Heres interview with a very talented lady, she’s called Ms Rea but you can call her the female BOSS! A amazing woman with a bright future no matter what she does, ms Rea seems to dominate it! From professional gymnast to recording artist, business woman/entrepreneur (unsigned hype go check it now! ). This woman has a wide range of skills and talents to keep people locked in! Ms Rea is head coach at aga for gymnastics, so to say she knows how to flex to fit it all in would be a understatment, she knows! Ms Rea don’t find time she creates time! Ms Rea has helped all her gymnasts as well as a BAG load of artists and people trying to make it in this industry, she’s putting in more then shes taking out. ( “It is every man’s obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out from it” – Albert Einstein). Ms Rea is putting back in a lot more then what she is taking, I would say this is a woman of very good values. CHECK THIS OUT!!

So MsRea it states on your facebook page  “CEO Of Unsigned Hype UK – Female Singer Songwriter Rapper – Web Designer. are you all of these?

I sure am all of those things believe it or not lol. I also do the administration and website for a new clothing line launching in spring 2014. And I also teach gymnastics fulltime on a professional level. My lifestyle is pretty packed but I love it that way. I dont want to leave this world without not experiencing and trying new things.

What is ‘Unsigned hype uk’? can you elaborate for us?

Unsigned hype uk is a media platform that i created with my partner and friends. We’ve grown a database of 5,000 industry contacts in a year with over 40,000 website hits. We create projects to help support unsigned talent. Weve worked with all genre’s and even branched into the US. We have just made a comeback before xmas to try and provide better services for the people we work with.

Would you say you are a entrepreneur?

I would say i have the dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Me and my partner have huge passions and want to be successful in life. i always strive on a challenge and when given one I always work hard to try and achieve it. At times I get told to rest because I dont stop lol.

We love your talent and its obvious you have a few, what would you say your greatest talent is?

This may sound corny but i think my biggest talent is being an open minded person. i wont shut myself into a box or listen to hearsay. i genuinely love to embrace all walks of life. whether it be a new genre, a new business idea, a new culture, I strongly believe if i wasnt so open minded i wouldnt be doing what i am now.

What would be your advise to anyone wanting to do a similar role to you?
 I think my biggest advice would be not to give up so easy. unfortunately we love an industry that can knock us down constantly. Always stand back up and take on everyone that gives you advice. if anyone goes out of their way to support you then appreciate that and dont take it for an advantage. Keep pushing on, if you love it then no time has been wasted.
When did you start your music career? 
I started when i was 14 and grime was the big thing, no female in my area would ‘spit’ so I got dared to give it a go. Thats when it came to me that i could actually write good lyrics. I got alot of hassle for it but my family told me not to stop. And that is how it all begun lol.
What do you feel you bring to your career that others cant or won’t within theres? 
I feel ive been one of the only artists to not just think about myself. Ive tried to support others by giving up my own time. ive run an event for unsigned acts and created a business.
Its obvious that you are a very talented and motivated lady, who can take control. is this the reason you made the “Female boss freestyle”?

I made female boss because I felt empowered at that time in my career and being in a male dominated industry us women have to fight harder to gain respect. I dont have the look of a female rapper and alot of people dont believe that i rap on first impressions.

Have you worked with any other artists, or plan to?

Ive worked with a lot. Ive started reaching abroad too. I worked with Tam Tam who is another incredible rapper from the US. I am always willing to work with others who have a strong work ethic. Ive had alot of doors slam with industry artists but it only keeps me working harder.

How was your holiday to jamaica ? Was it all pleasure or was there business to handle?

My holiday was amazing! take me back! Jamaica is a beautiful country. I love the culture, the people, the music. We went to the worlds biggest reggae festival and saw alot of the reggae artists performing i.e i wayne spice QQ beenie man lady saw. we also had vip so had the opportunity to meet the artists. Best moment of my life as I love the music. Its made me think alot about my music and what i can do.

With tracks named “He’s BS” and “You lied” were guessing you have had man troubles or just repping for your ladies here?

Every song I have wrote has defiantly had some meaning to it. Which girl/guy hasn’t been hurt before? I share my moments with others. I like to try give everyone something they can relate to. After all we are all still learning.

Whats next for you and your career?

At the moment Im having a small break. The gymnastics world has been pretty demanding as Im now head coach at aga. But unsigned hype is back on the map with new projects and im currently writing some new material. Im taking a slightly different path with music at the moment.

What can we expect to see next from MsRea?

I think you’ll see a whole new girl. I am being sponsored by clean n explicit clothing line, im working hard on unsigned hype and bringing something fresh to the scene.


Ms Rea CEO Of Unsigned Hype UK – Female Singer Songwriter Rapper – Web Designer.





Offical website:

Unsigned hype uk company:

Official website:





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