King Ashley interview

King Ashley was noticed through twitter, he sent a few tweets our way and on listning to hes music we contacted him for a written interview. He is a up and coming rapper from London, as well as smoking that good s*** he makes good music to. We asked King Ashley what is next for this up and coming star, what do you think hes answer was?….. Thats right he said “Music, music, music, money then more music!” We have a feeling that Blazing that good S*** is in there to tho he just didnt say…..ha. He is a young man with real talent and a bright future, so keep a eye on this man. To say King Ashley is a man of few words would be a understatement, but still we got a interview and we will let hes music do the talking. CHECK HIM OUT!

How did the name king ashley come about? 
lol lets just say a girl gave me the name.
When did your music career start? 
I started in 2008 under the name ‘vandel kid’ and i mainly did grime.
What turned you to music?
I don’t even really know probably just growing up in london where ALL my friends were rappers lol we all thought we were professional rappers that had deals.. guess i was the only one who wanted to make it really happen..
When did you decide you had a passion for music and wanted to really got for it?
Only since like last year when i saw people really taking a liking to my music and i thought hmmm this might work..
You have a lot of tracks in comparison to other up and coming artists, have you been doing this for a long time or have you just worked it double time?
Neither, i’ve worked it TRIPLE time!! I make two full mix tapes a year! and i’ve been doing that EVERY year since 16! I’m now 20! Hard work is why i’ve been able to get this much attention in under a year and i ain’t stopping! Still feel like I’m just beginning.
We can see you have workd with other artists, any that you think you will work with again?
Nope! Apart from Master J! Me and him have a whole CD coming out soon! Gonna be crazy!
Is there any artists you would really like to work with?
Nope! Lol
Have you got any inspirational people you follow?
Tbh i inspire myself..
If any one was to see your twitter they would see you tweet a lot, obviously this has worked on getting your views up on youtube, but has it done anything else for you ?
Errmm i think its helped me interact with my fans better.. Other than that it just helps people to understand me a little more.. Thats really the reason behind me always tweeting, i like to get my opinion across and like people seeing what i have to say.
In your piscture on youtube you are blazing, was that the good ish? 
lol real good shit!
Whats next for king ashley?
Music, music, music, money then more music!
T.I refers to himself as the king, do you believe you and him could make a good track together? 
lol yeah.. i only make good tracks anyway lol
What music have you got out there already?
I got quite a bit but got soo much music a lot of people haven’t heard.. but this is the link
Your youtube has got a load of views with a lot of likes, have you ever had a hater yet?
lol wow have i ever had one.. i’ve had a few! Lol i love them!
Have you got a favorite track of your own?
hmmm i like this question lol.. I don’t think i could choose only 1 song tbh because all my songs are made for different reasons so i love them all for different reasons lol but ‘Don’t Kill My Dream’ is up there but so is ‘Spend The Night’ and ‘The Same’ lol i don’t know..
What do you wish to gain from your career?
Well right now i just want to be heard by as much people as possible and get more money from it.. But i always set myself new goals so as i get more i want more.. Best way to do it!
whats been the biggest achievement so far?
Good question.. Either being on the radio or bumping into some girl at a club and her saying “I know you! Your King Ashley” Lol
Have you got a facebook page and sound cloud? 
Facebook no i deleted it but sound cloud yes but i just need to focus on it more..

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