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So our guys Double D, Supream and Luke (in order above) was out filming and doing what face down musik does best work. Visiting various locations and generally just looking around for more to do, after of which ended up with some of the team in eastbourne town center. Bam! They run into the main man ShaoDow! Which was amazing for our team a great opportunity to talk to this talented man, whilst hes musical talent is a obvious interest to our own up and coming rappers. ShaoDow is full of positive energy, entrepreneurship and a wonderful story behind the man. Supream met ShaoDow again and bought hes 15,000th copy of hes album. Face down musik caught up with ShaoDow for a interview and here it is! A little insight to Mr ShaoDow. Check it out!!!!


At just 18 you traveled to china to learn Shaolin Kung Fu, how and why did you do this?

Mainly cos I’m crazy. But also because I believe life is for living and if there’s something you really want to do with your life you have one of two choices; talk about it or do it.

I’m glad I went. Definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had.

Is it there you found your love for music or was you drawn to it before you left?

I was messing around with writing lyrics before I went but I’d say going to China is what formed the style I have today. I wrote the first lyric I was truly proud of out there and started believing that rapping was something I could actually do.

So yeah I’d say I found what I was looking for in China

Where did you grow up before your life journey began?

Lewisham – South East London

What did you learn from your experience in china?

I learnt that through hard work and perseverance almost anything is possible. If you’re willing to take your self out of your comfort zone and push yourself past your limits you can achieve more than you ever imagined possible.

Are you a very spiritual/ religious person?

I don’t believe in religion per se as it’s a man made construct but I do whole heartedly believe in God.

I know I wouldn’t have achieved what I have so far without some serious blessing from the Big Man.

If you need to classify it I’d say I was Christian, but I try not to put too many labels on my faith.

You are a entrepreneur that is obvious, what made you take the path of a entrepreneur?

Seemed to make sense. I couldn’t work out why I should have to pay someone to do something for me that I could do myself with a bit of knowledge and practice.

Or even worse give someone a percentage of my hard earned income for doing not much.

So I just did what came naturally and made things happen.

What have been your biggest experiences in life?

Learning Kung Fu in China, Crowd Surfing in Prague, Selling my 10,000th and 15,000th CDs. Releasing my first two albums, performing at Reading Festival, opening for Tech N9ne and meeting him, touring in Thailand, getting my own headphone range.

There’s so many I have fun being a rapper there’s loads of things that I’m forgetting to be honest but those are the first ones that come to mind.

What would you say is next for D.I.Y gang?

My only real goal for 2014 is to improve on everything I did in 2013. As to what that means … Only time will tell.

I can tell you that next month I’ll be in Budapest building my fan base.

What’s the biggest thing you have done within your music career?

Probably opening for Tech N9ne or performing at Reading Festival.

What mixtapes/albums do you have out?

I have the ‘That’s MR ShaoDow To You Mixtape’, the ‘(C)opyright Infringement Mixtape’, the ‘Cut The BullSpit’ album, the ‘Kung Fu Hustler’ album and the DIY Gang Wireless Headphones all available from

Our man Supream bought your 15,000th copy in Eastbourne, how close are you to the 20,000 copy being sold?

Haha give me a chance guys! It hasn’t been that long since I sold the 15,000th.

But seriously big up to Supream, he’s an absolute legend and I wish him all the best with his music career.

I’m aiming to hit 20K by end of next year. We’ll see how it goes.

Do you still practice your Shaolin Kung Fu?

I just train and practice martial arts in general. Not as much as I’d like. But I try to stay in too of my training.

A strong mind, body and spirit is vital.

What sort have artists have you met along your way?

I’ve met most of the key players in the uk ‘urban’ industry. Some people are cool, some are not.

It is what it is rally.

Have you had any collabs?

Yes I collaborate with Ghetts for the Get Stronger Single and he appears on my first album. As well as Serocee who appears on both my albums, Genesis Elijah, Stylah, Casso Blax, MC DT and Raxstar.

What’s the next big thing for you?

It’s really all about progression for me. The DIY Gang Wireless Headphones were the biggest thing for me recently. I’ve got no clue how I’ll too that but it’ll happen.

What was the first thing you did within your music career?

Write some songs.

If you wasn’t in the music industry, what else would you do?

Would probably be a lawyer and be incredibly bored with my life.

Have you got any future collabs lined up?

I’m working on some big ones but don’t like to say until they’re 100%

Have you got anything planned for 2k14?

Budapest in January, the music video for GAS MARK 10!!! And the GAS MARK 10!!! Single is as far as I’ve planned.

How long was you in china for?

I lived there for 2 months. Unfortunately it’s not cheap to stay there indefinitely.

What would you say your biggest hurdle has been in life or career?

Mainly just the uk music industry as it is. It rewards people for who they know and how popular they are with the in crowd long before it rewards hard work as genuine talent.

Have you got and inspirations?

I’m just inspired by people who are great at what they do and make it happen against the odds. Tech N9ne would be one of my biggest inspirations. But there’s too many to name.

What sort of music would you say means most to you?

Good music is good music irrespective of genre. If I like it then I’m listening to it. I don’t care what the style is.

It is obvious you are very busy promoting, traveling, working and dealing with DIY gang work, when do you have time to record?

I have various time periods within my year, there’s a time for writing, a time for recording, a time for promoting etc. When it’s recording time that is the priority so I make it happen.

What track of yours would you say means the most to you?

They’re a my children, I love them equally.

What would you say is best to signed or independent label?

It would be a bit mad for me to say signed. But it’s really what ever is best for the individual artist. Not everyone can handle being independent and vice versa.

It is obvious you travel a lot! Where have you been promoting in the uk?

I’ve been to nearly every major city in this country. Today I was in Canterbury, yesterday I was in Derby.

Have you been other places in the world, other then china?

Yes, Thailand, Czech Republic and France. Those were all for music related business I’ve been to other countries for holidays. Nowadays I take working holidays.


Now take a look at the man in action! He has worked with various artists, met even more! And is still not finished yet! check out ShaoDow on Youtube!

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