Puppet Kings Interview.

Face down musik first caught up with Puppet Kings at The Underground Theatre back in 2013 you can see our post here from that night https://facedownmusik.com/category/face-down-musik-2/ Puppet Kings performed fantastic that night, but was in a rush after there performance so we couldnt chat much. We had the chance to catch up since then and got this fantastic interview from the guys. We are sure with what they have told Face down musik that this could be a massive year for the Puppet Kings, as well as some great questions and answers also. Have a read at what the guys had to say!

We first met you guys at the underground theatre in 2013, whats happened since then?

Since then we have played a lot of gig in Brighton, had a photo shoot and made a music video.

Whats the plan for 2014?

This year we want to spread our wings a bit more and play further afield in different venues across the country and get our music heard by as many people as possible.

What sort of music do you guys play?

We play rock music. There are elements of blues and metal as well.

Who plays what?

Tom Cochrane plays Guitar and vocals Neil Sawyer is bass guitar Jake Falkner is drums

Have you got any idols?

For me (Tom) it would be someone like Jerry Cantrell from Alice In chains for his songwriting, sense of melody and awesome riffs. For Jake it would probably be Dave Grohl or anyone from Motley Crue. For Neil it would probably be Frank Lampard. ha ha only joking. Maybe a band called King Parrot.

We see by your facebook page that you have got a few things lined up for this year, what would be your biggest event?

We have a gig at the 100 hundred club in London. Its a highly regarded venue and the biggest gig we have played so far.

You guys have a fair few videos, you must have done a lot of gigs, whats your craziest story from gigs?

We played a gig at a primary school once. Jake was wearing his monkey onesy. We played really loudly and it was a disaster. We also played at an art exhibition which was quite different. People were walking around this massive warehouse looking at Art while we were blasting out some rock.

Whats the worst gig you have played?

The primary school was the worst gig we ever played also the weirdest.

We see you have music up for download, where else have you got music for download or purchase?

We have 8 track EP CD’s for sales, plus you can download our tracks from soundcloud, I tunes, Band camp om facebook as well as reverbnation.

how did the name ‘puppet kings’ come about?

Im quite in to History and politics. A puppet King is is someone who is installed usually by a foreign power to maintain the appearance of local authority while he is actually doing the bidding of another country or regime. I guess you could draw parallels with the Music Industry and how bands sometimes have to play what their labels want them to play.

Whats the biggest thing you accomplished so far?

We were nominated for band of the year by the local SQ magazine and made it in to the top 3 bands on votes. We have played at several festivals and won a competition to play at the Oxo tower in London for a live art event which was fantastic. We have an 8 track EP which I am very proud of and represents several years of hard work. I think thats my favourite accomplishment.

Have you got any music videos planned?

We have just finished a music video for “The Gift that keeps giving” It should be out this month.

Has anything ever gone wrong whilst at a gig?

Things always go wrong. I have a knack for breaking guitar strings all the time. Neil is pretty good at breaking bass strings. Jakes pretty good at breaking his bass drum pedal for that matter.

Have you done any collabs?

We have had a few guest vocals at our Gigs. Featuring the talents of our good friends Joanne Pooley, Rivka Ward and Daniel Jones.

Do you have any collabs lined up?

Nothing at the moment but we shall see.

Have you got any groupies or dedicated fans yet?

We do have some really good fans but no groupies ha ha! They have been really supportive with us and its the best thing in the world when people bother to actually listed to music and like it when they could be doing a million other things.

When we seen you perform we could feel the energy in your music, do you always get the crowd going like that?

We try to be high energy when we play live and we want everyone to have a good time. So if we can get the crowd going then its more fun for us as well. Jake in particular likes to get people dancing!

Obviously you guys have some real talent, what would be a dream come true for your band?

I think to have some recognition and some success in being heard by as many people as possible.

When we seen you guys at the underground theatre gig you gave out cards, this is a great marketing/advertising strategy who’s idea was this?

We have always given our cards, flyers and cds so people will remember who we are and can download our tracks. I think that was all our idea.

You had a great picture/3D model picture made with the band name made into a christmas tree, kind of artistically made, who done this?

This was one our top fans who actually lives in the Maldives! So Puppet Kings are properly international!

We have also seen some merchandise, what else do you sell?

We also sell Puppet Kings T shirts!

When did you start puppet kings?

About 3 years ago now

Are you all close outside of the band?

I’ve (Tom) known Neil pretty much all my life and Jake is now like a brother so I think we are pretty close.

Whats the next big plan for puppet kings?

More gigs, more tours, more exposure, get in the big magazines like Kerrang, Classic Rock, rocksound, and get our music out there to as many people as possible!

Check out the guys in action!!


MYSPACE: http://www.myspace.com/thepuppetkings
SOUNDCLOUD: http://www.soundcloud.com/puppetkings

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/puppetkings


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