Just Josh interview

Fatz is always connecting to people through all sorts of connections and come across Just Josh and wow! Go check out ‘Down for that’. Just Josh is a real talking person with a bright future within the music industry, when he was asked for a interview he was more then happy to give one. Just Josh has got some new beats coming real soon, new videos and more. This guy is lyrically going to kill it in hes music by just being so real! All we can say is your fake s**t will only work for so long, watch out when real man come through like Just Josh and takes over! Check hes quick interview out! Oh and Benny Banks holla at your man Just Josh make a track with him, would be sik.

When did you start your music career?

I first started writing raps when i was 11 – 12 and ever since loved it.

We see a few videos out, how do you go about getting these?

I’ve been working with the same camera man for a while now it was just luck that i came across him and we both enjoy working together.

Your musical talent is obvious and should be getting a lot more recognition then it does, do you feel people don’t want to hear that realness any more?

Thanks man, maybe so. People just dont appreciate up and coming artists no more unless your rocking a chain.

We seen benny banks manager has contacted you and sbtv, whats the deal!!?? fill us in here?

I’m not going to say to much but yes me and Bennys manager are staying in touch and Jamal offered me a warm up session so im working on the bars for that atm.

Have you got any more tracks lined up for summer?

Yes i always have new music coming the summer should be sick this year.

What about mixtape have we got dates yet?

No dates on a mixtape. I want to create a bigger fan base before i bring out a body of work however i cant wait to do one.

What is next on the agenda for yourself in music?

Next i can hopefully use this SBTV opportunity and branch out.

Have you got any collabs lined up?

I have a few collabs up my sleeve that will come. But, i like to keep a closer eye on myself atm.

Have you had any collabs in the past?

I have had a lot of collabs in the past from jamaican singers to other rappers and producers.

Who would you like to work with the most?

Tbh, from england i’d love to work with benny being the only rapper i have related to in a while. But, id love to work with a singer like adele! From america id love to work with Black Hippy there style is sick.

What was your inspiration for ‘down for that’?

My inspiration for down for that was my life. I was going through some hard times which still i am, ha ha. But yeah its not made up all completely true and based on my life.

How did the name Just Josh come about?

If i told you in detail how it come about it mite turn into a porn article lol. But a girl come up with the idea of my rap name being “josh” and i said what “just josh?” And then liked that. As i thought it describes me perfectly.

You keep it real in your music, but do you feel there is a lot of fakes out there?

Theres to many fakes.

Whats been your greatest accomplishment so far?

Probably being offered a warm up!

Its obvious you have a real passion for what you do, have you got any inspirations for this?

Erm, i just wanna see my family proud and smiling ive been going on for years about how im definitely gunna make it and i just dont wanna let them down now.

What can your fans expect more from you?

They can expect more good music.

What can you give your fans other artists may not?

Personally i believe i give my fans a choice, as i have alot of music which covers different concepts. Im not spittin about just 1 thing.. Guns and drugs.

Have you had a lot of support in your music career?

I have had a lot of loyal supporters who have believed in me and i am grateful for that.

Heres the man Just Josh in action!!

HOLLA Just Josh on twitter!! Click HERE!!


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