Tramendas-Too Strong Interview

Tramendas- Too Strong is a up and coming local artist and has achieved so much already!! From hes own musical talents, videos, pictures and music videos you can guarantee he is going to blow up! This will be a man with enough passion to be on everyones music scene, he’s got a whole lot more to come! Face Down Musik caught up with the busy star for a quick written interview, check it out and keep up to date with Tramendas-Too Strong here :- > Tramendas-too strong official facebook page <

When did you first start your music career?

My career started at the age of 11. as far as i can remember ive been on some sort of stage.

What inspired you to start music?

i’ve always loved performing and creating arts. it was through experiences like performing in the albert hall during Primary school that i gained my love for music.

How is your music different from other artists of the same sort of genre?

Its sounds different in terms of production. i try to create a mood with in the music that is distinct and very visual.

Is music the main priority in your professional life?

Yes it is.

You appeared on the channel AKA, was this a great step forward for you?

It was great yes. I was pleased to get the reaction it received. the amount of support was incredible.

We see you have done a few video, which has been the best so far?

My latest video stealing secrets is very much close to what i picture when i created the music so im very pleased with it.

Whats the next big thing for tramendas?

we are in the process of booking shows and appearances in an effort to promote the latest album and videos. im having a lot of fun.

Do you still have a lot of songs on itunes?

I have my album ‘Introvert’ available on iTunes at the moment.

When can we expect a summer jam from yourself?

You can expect a lot of these as i am releasing new music and videos through mixtape, in july through out august.

Whats been the biggest achievement so far?

my biggest achievement is everything ive been able to pull together so far. im proud of the work ive put together so far, but a lot is still on lock down until its right.

Have you worked with many artists or plan to?

Ive worked with a few artists, i actually have 3 features on my album ‘Introvert’. Ive been recording recently as well so you can expect more features.

We see you have a team in some of your videos, are these close to you? yeah those guys are family, quite literally in some cases.

You released a track to your fans and thanked them, have you had a lot of support from them?

when some one shows support in any form i feel like they don’t really understand how much it helps. I get so much support i am very blessed.

Whats the next big thing for you?

I’ve got this Project call project Nous Vii which i am launching with FaceUp. Its incredible. It really has a lot to do with giving up and coming artists to work with good producers.

How is Faceup ent/productions doing?

we are doing well like i said we are in the process of planning shows and events as well as releasing ‘Project Nous Vii’

Got any holidays planned for summer?

Im actually going to Greece & New york strictly for holiday this year.

If you could work with anyone who would it be?

Prince, simply just because i feel like i could learn a lot. i am always trying to better myself in anyway.

How many shows have you performed?

Ive performed a lot of shows but in 2013 i didn’t do any performing i concentrated on the album.

What can your fans expect from you next? they can expect in studio videos and better and more exciting music videos. hope fully if you look back at my work they can see a gradual rise of quality and skill.

We see you have a new track and video great work, what inspired this track?

my situation at the time of which i wrote my new record “stealing secrets” was the influence. it’s really a very personal song.

I guess thats why i named the album “introvert”. Theres a lot of hidden messages that are probably impossible to decipher unless you know me. I love that haha.

Whats next on the business side of things?

expect an opportunity to work with me face to face if you are an up and coming artist anywhere in the world, through live conferencing. Project Nous vii really allows some amazing things and I am very excited to get started.

When can we expect to see you back on tv?

Im out here working man. As soon as i feel like its right you will see it !

Thanks for having me.

Here is Tramendas-too strong latests music video!! CHECK IT OUT!!






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