XAMVOLO interview.

On recent searches online for unsigned/unrecognised talent, we found this young artist and wow! Xamvolo is a one of a kind artist, with a rare talent in a unusual genre of music which you could listen to all day!  He was more then happy to get back at us with a interview and hes answers are like we have never seen!!! such depft and meaning, yet swuav and cool… Xamvolo amazinglly talented Jazz-hop/gospel music will catch your ear.


When did you start your music?

Well I first started singing in Primary, but I’ve started recording under my current name about 3-4 years ago.


What sort of music do you make?
I try to keep it Jazz influenced – sort of in the jazz-hop, gospel-infused genre – but occasionally I delve into soul and neo-soul, the latter being the genre I will be explore further in the future.


What is ‘Binary in Blue’?

I chose the name Binary in Blue for my EP for a few reasons.  Binary means “consisting of two parts” which is how I viewed my approach this time around: two upbeat widely relatable songs and the other two calmer and artier tracks.  Also – despite it not being Blues in genre – I picked topics that I thought paid some level of tribute to Blues music and the culture around it.  Truth be told I was going to do a darker project but I wasn’t happy with it so I started again.


What sort of projects have you worked on?

Before all the current music I rapped and produced grime and hip-hop.  I learnt FL studio and Reason really quickly, though now I use Logic.  All my music thus far has been self produced, each with a certain goal in mind.  My first ever compilation (12 tracks recorded in 5 days which I’ve taken down a while back) was just to prove to myself I could make something tangible musically.  My second and third attempts were kind of practice; I spent that time learning the software and how an album actually works and sounds like as a finished piece.  My fourth (Venus and the Goldminds) is still up as of now; that was where I was trying to secure my styles as well as develop a running concept (all my favourite albums from other artists have concepts).
You seem like a cool guy, is this something you live by?
Well I don’t try to be anything but productive, supportive and inspiring when possible.  Everything else is a waste of valuable time.


What attracts you to this type of music?

Well Jazz is just cool.  I really wish I learnt Jazz formally; it’s so complex, like classical with attitude.  Neo-soul feeds off the same concepts; I love all music (I have metal, folk, 60s and punk bands I learn from artistically) but the neo-soul genre is known for using chords that convey such complex emotions.  It’s also quite a mature genre, which I like.


Would you say your music is very meaningful/emotional?

I used to write a lot of emotional music, but now I think I try to stick to meaningful things; everyone writes about sex, but the society we live in is so much more complex than that.  Plus I love the idea of sometimes writing mind-bending abstract lyrics.
What can fans expect next from you?
Well whenever I get free time, I make music – so more music!   I might do another EP as they seem to be in at the moment.  One thing is certain though: expect bigger and better than before.


Have you played at any events or plan to?

I want a band very badly.  If I had one I’d be doing shows constantly.  As of now I’m just sticking to the recording side and refining my craft.
In the time you have been doing music what would be the best benefit you have noticed?
I have a solid identity I guess; it’s something to look forward to.  I’ve also found it to be the cure to all boredom; I can’t remember the last time I was sitting around bored.  Plus, I understand so much more about the world in relation to the music industry – it’s fascinating.


What song of yours would you say means the most to you?

Well Erykah Badu retweeted ‘Part of The Game’ from the set before ‘Binary in Blue’ which is still on my Soundcloud; that did a lot for me in terms of getting people’s attention which can be hard when you’re on your own.  Having a fan base however small overseas is a big thing, so I’m glad I made that one.  In terms of meaning, I would say that one as well – I really thought it through.  Might re-record it later for a more official release.
What does summer hold in store for you?

Music time.  Music is my only plan for the holidays; everything else is a bonus.  I guess I might travel.


When you write your music do you feel like it is an expression of self?
Well now it is.  Before, I tried to keep myself out of my music as much as possible, but as my confidence and knowledge grew I started to let people in a little.  There’s a little bit of me in Binary in Blue especially.


We can see you have a great talent, when did you discover this talent?

Thanks!  Well I don’t believe in talent; I think we’re products of our environment.  I was brought up around music.  When I was 12 however, I did start to practice so much it became a habit.  I once started singing to myself in a GCSE exam.  Have to stick to it ‘til it works the way you want it to.
Have you got any heroes or inspirational people that you look up to?
All the amazing artists stemming from the Soulquarians (that’s Erykah Badu, Common, Bilal, J Dilla etc.), then we have Robert Glasper (neo-soul genius), Amy Winehouse, Janelle Monae (her concepts and artistry unparalleled) and so on.. sooooo many!


What’s next in your music career?
Three things I want at the moment: A band, a manager and a studio.  I most likely will get a studio space after Uni; I’ve built up a lot of equipment over the years already, only need a few more bits and pieces for a complete starting setup.


Got any collabs coming up?

I have never collaborated with anyone, but I may have a few coming up with people I’ve known for some time; hopefully I’ll work with new artists as time goes on.
Where would you like your music to take you?
There’s a gap in the UK soul, neo-soul and jazz-hop market that’s slowly being filled and I’d like to be a part of the new inflow if possible.  As long as I’m doing what I love and doing it well, I’m happy.  I’d also love to be a part of the UK music circles and make those contacts – I have a lot to contribute.


How do you feel about new age music?
I love this new electronic soul vibe (SOHN produced some records from new artist Kwabs that fully illustrate what I mean).  I also love the new technology being used in some pieces and how everyone is starting to use live orchestra in their records.  Awesome.  I don’t like pop or EDM though, unless it’s a standout dance track like “Look Right Through” – that’s my jam.  Also, I guess I love the renaissance acts that are coming out like Laura Mvula and John Newman, bringing back the good old days mixed with that new twist.  It’s very respectable.


If you could work with any musician in any era, who would it be?

Hard one.  Umm, in terms of a duet of any sort, I’d say Erykah Badu; in terms of a producer, J Dilla.  In terms of a band, definitely The Robert Glasper Experiment.  In terms of UK artists currently?  Ella Eyre.  I would love to say Amy Winehouse and others but I’m not sure if our genres would mix so well.  Still think they’re great though.  Oh and maybe a really good rapper somewhere.


Would you agree music is essential in life?

Without music we’d all be crazy grey people.  Music is needed.  All I have to do is start with the effects and influence of national anthems – I rest my case.


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