Jeanneret interview.

 Face down musik caught up with Jeanneret and got this great interview! We have always had links with some of the local artists and this band will soon be having a video interview to match!!! Check out this 1st class interview with a band on the up!

When did Jeanneret start?

Jason: Jeanneret started after the end of an old band of mine, Roads to Ruin. Sam and I were throwing ideas around whilst performing as a duo. I suppose Jeanneret was truly formed in January 2014. I think that’s about the time that we got our act together, came up with the name and recruited the rest of the band.


What does Jeanneret mean?

Jason: No idea. Haha. It’s a surname. Possibly of French/Swiss origin. But no idea as to its actual meaning. I tell people different things when I’m asked where it came from. It could possibly be named after an architect, it could possibly be the name of an old teacher and it could possibly be a random word from a French dictionary. We also could have picked it because it sounds classy. I like to switch up the answer a lot Haha

Jamie: It doesn’t really have a meaning that I am aware of. It is just one of those unusual names which should help people remember us a little easier.

Louis: No clue what so ever, think Sam and Jason came up with the name. You’d have to ask them

Sam: Not a clue


Which genre of music would you say you are?

Indie Rock with a Blues influences


Who came up with the name of the band?

Jason: Me. I then presented the idea to Sam and he thought it was sufficiently odd and unique.


How did you come together?

Jason: I’ve known Sam for years. We’ve been in bands for ages together. I met Jamie at University and introduced him to Sam. Sam met Louis at University and introduced him to us!

Jamie: I met Jase at Uni. He knew Sam and Sam knew Louis.

Louis: I knew Sam through Uni and he knew the others from just being mates with them, so I met them through Sam



Who is involved in Jeanneret?

Sam Holloway – Lead Guitar

Jamie Waterhouse – Bass Guitar

Louis Merritt – Drums

Jason Payne – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar and Keyboard


What are your individual backgrounds in music?

Jason: I learnt to play guitar aged 10. Classical at first and I didn’t enjoy it at all. I dropped it and came back to electric guitar a few years later. Keys I started learning at like age 10 and Vocals I didn’t pick up until I was 17/18. I’ve played in a bunch of indie and rock bands over the years.

Jamie: I started learning to play the guitar when I was 10. I started playing rhythm then decided I prefer playing guitar solos. It was only when Jason asked me to be the bass player that I started to play bass. I started learning bass 2 days before our first gig.

Louis: I’ve always been involved with music, whether it be for school or Uni, or just cause I enjoy it. I’ve played the drums for about 7 years and have recently tried to start learning the piano.

Sam: I started playing guitar at 14. I began on classic guitar and I still play it today but I moved on to electric within 2 years and I spend more time learning scales and soloing which I guess became my role in the band. I spent 2 years at college studying music tech and I’m now studying it at Uni which helps the recording side a lot.


What was your first song together?

Our debut single “Friend of No One”. You can download it from Soundcloud and Bandcamp for FREE.


What’s your favourite song you have done?

Jason: I change my mind so often when asked this question. All I can say is it’s not ‘Move On’ Haha. At the moment, I’d say Best Days.

Jamie: I would have to say ‘Move On’ is my favourite song at the moment as it is catchy and I love playing the bass line to the song. However I have a feeling my favourite song will change soon with some of the songs we have been working on.

Louis: I’d have to say “Friend of No One”

Sam: Best Days. I love it



What are your roles within Jeanneret?

Jason: I sing and play Rhythm Guitar and Keys. I also write the songs.

Jamie: I play Bass and help structure the songs.

Louis: I play Drums

Sam: I play lead guitar and help to structure the songs


Where was your first live event?

As a whole band it would be Buskers Bar. We played as a 3 piece before that though


Have you got any more events lined up?

There are a few things in the pipeline that we can’t reveal just yet. Just need to iron out some minor details but then we’ll reveal things. Keep checking our Facebook and Twitter though because we update those regularly.


Have you got any groupies?

Jason: Not that I know of?

Jamie: A few of my friends try to make it to every gig but I wouldn’t call them groupies

Louis: Don’t think so?

Sam: Nope


What’s the strangest thing that’s happened to you guys?

Jason: Not too sure. Sometimes people come up to us randomly and say they like our band, that’s quite gratifying.

Jamie: I would have to agree with Jason especially when it’s from other bands and people you don’t know.

Sam: It has to be Jason saying “I’m just standing here playing with my nipples”.  To paint the picture, he was in the vocal booth by himself, I turned the mic up on the sound desk and he came out with it. I’m still in shock I think.

Jason: In my defence, it was a joke. I was joking about the hand gestures I make when singing big notes during recording. That doesn’t make it much better though! We like to have a laugh during recording. Life’s too short to take things ultra seriously.


We recently did a review for your single “Friend of No One”.  Has it had many hits?

Jason: Thank you for the kind words by the way. I think it’s had a better critical impact than commercial. It had some really good reviews from SQ, Sound and Motion and of course yourselves but the number of hits doesn’t seem to have caught up yet.

Jamie: Thank you for the review. Like Jason said we haven’t had a large amount of hits as of yet. However the number is growing constantly as our band becomes more and more popular.

Louis: Thanks guys! It has done quite well and had good feedback but I haven’t checked recently, id hope so!

Sam: The single is just getting off the ground. Everyone who has listened to it has loved it and we can only hope that it continues to be received that way



Have you done or do you plan to do any collaborations?

Jason: We haven’t yet but I’d definitely like to.

Jamie: Not as of yet but if the opportunity arises I would want to.

Louis: Not yet but we’d like to.

Sam: We may be doing a rap collaboration at somepoint. We’ll have to wait and see how that pans out!


Have you got a summer song lined up?

Jason: I don’t think we’ve got a specific summer song lined up but we will be releasing material in the summer.

Jamie: There is no particular song that we will be releasing as of yet however our EP will be released then.


What other songs have you put out?

We’ve got a few live versions of songs out right now with more studio songs on the way


Have you spoken about an EP/Album/Mixtape or anything to release?

Our debut EP, Tales of Troubled Youth, should be out by the end of July!


What about Music Videos?

When the EP comes out, I’m sure we’ll start work on one or two.


What’s the plan for Jeanneret?

To take it as far as we can. And enjoy it. It’s as simple as that.


What would be a dream come true for the band?

Jason: Being able to play our music to as many different people in as many different places as possible. If we were able to make a living from it, it would be a bonus, but that’s not the most important thing

Jamie: To headline as many places as possible and playing music to all of our fans and enjoying every minute of the band and having fun everywhere.


What would you say makes you stand out from most bands?

Jason: Just our attention to detail on production and recording. Sam did a fantastic job on the single and I’m sure he’ll continue to do great things on the EP

Jamie: Our attention to detail and experimenting with the songs we write. We are constantly trying out different things with each song to make them perfect.

Louis:  The attention to detail on production and recording. Sam has done a great job on the single “Friend of No One”

Sam: I think it’s the song writing that makes us different. All the songs that Jason writes are from his heart and I know the back stories’ to the lyrics which helps me really get in to the feel of the song while we are playing it. We are one of the only bands in Eastbourne that I have come across with such a big back catalogue of our own songs. We have like 70 original songs now written by Jason.



Where can people get your music?


We have never asked this before, but how would you describe face down musik?

Jason: You guys are awesome. I’ve never been around people who work as hard or are as dedicated as you lot. You do a great job in promoting unsigned bands and music, regardless of genre, in this area. Hats off to you! (Metaphorically. I’m not wearing a hat)

Jamie: I think Jason sums your guys up there, you do a brilliant job and are all hard working and committed to what you do. You play a vital role in supporting upcoming musicians of any genre.

Louis: You guys do a great job at what you do. Keep it up!

Sam: Face down musik do a really good job helping unsigned bands and we are truly thankful for all the help they have given us!


Jeanneret FaceBook


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