Jack Lynch interview ( MC Lynchy )

So we got a glimpse of internet sensation Jack Lynch when he’s bus stop freestyle went viral. Face down musik decided to get in touch with this young talent MC from Ireland, which turned out was living not far from family Fatz has over there!.. Small World! MC Lynchy was happy to do a interview for us, to let he’s fans have a insight into he’s life in and around music. This interview was a great interview with a talent up and coming artist, which we can see will go far if he stays on route.

10547922_1537250293180003_2158293613100467501_o < Jack lynch viral video image.

Jack Lynch Facebook Page: Facebook MC Lynchy
Jack Lynch YouTube Channel: YouTube MC Lynchy



Your video at the bus stop went viral, why do you think that is?

Tbh i dont have a clue how it went viral i didnt even expect it to go outside of limerick

Where are you from?

I live in ballneet,Limerick,Ireland

Whats your stage name?

My stage name is Mc Lynchy

When was your first MC experiance?

My first mc experience was when i was about 12 i heard blackout crew bbbbounce and fell in love haha

What do you want from music?

To make people happy and to get MC’ing back on radar

What happened with pat flynn?

Im not quite sure why he reacted badly to me , i did diss him but i made sure he knew before it went online that it was a joke diss then he threatened me haha so i guess were kinda mc rivals at the moment!

Who would you say are your musical inspirations?

My inspirations ? Eminem,Bob Marley and john dowd

Whats the next big thing for you?

My gig in holland would be the next big thing id say

Have you had any good outcomes from your videos going viral?

Yeah a few , plenty of recording offers, bookings from discos and nightclubs , the women is good aswell haha and its just funny to be recognised by so many people.

What sort of negative feedback have you got from your music?

Some people say i sound the same and that i pit on an accent the opposite of mine but come on a kid with a limerick accent isnt gonna go that far

Can you see you going far in the music industry?

I wouldnt say id go far but hopefully ill get somewhere

Have you got a backup plan other then music?

I did a dj’ing course on how to mix n match , create beats and that kinda stuff so i can do a bit of dj’ing or ill do journalism in college

Have you done any collaborations?

I have yet to do a collab with someone



Jack Lynch Facebook Page: Facebook MC Lynchy
Jack Lynch YouTube Channel: YouTube MC Lynchy

4 thoughts on “Jack Lynch interview ( MC Lynchy )

  1. Jack you’re amazing! You’re way better that Pat Flynn… Don’t take no notice of what any haters say they are just jealous of you! Don’t let them get in the way of your career, your passion! Love you and your music.

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