Big 404 interview

Fatz and Big 404 got talking a while back and met up to  go over some ideas how both could potetially help each other out as in similar line of work. The meetings lead to the FDM Jelly Funk event review, which went great and was enjoyed by both Fatz and Supream. Big 404 is great DJ and also to go with he’s big name, he has a big bubbly personality! So it was only right we get a interview with the BIG man himself to share a inset into this talented man!



Who is Big 404?

Big404 is a Sussex based DJ, part of the Jellyfunk Allstars . Event Promoter and music producer.

How did this name come about? 
Big 404 is a combination of a few things. 404 is the last 3 digits of my passport number, also a throw to old 808 and 707 drum machines and an annoying internet error. Big because I’m a stacked 6ft 5 guy with a large beard.

What is it you do with music?

When i Dj i want people to dance, its all about feeling good and letting go. My style is old funk and hip hop with new breaks and bass lines.

When did you first start your musical career? 

Music has been in my family for a few generations, my grandfather was in a well known jazz band, my father was a dj in the 70’s and my brother a dj in the 90’s. My musical career started about 7 years ago but has only really taken my full time in the last 2 years.

What sort of genre of music would you say you do? 

Nu Funk, Ghetto Funk, Mid tempo Breaks.

How much does music mean to you? 

“Without music, life would be a mistake”
Music is always around in my normal day, radio in the morning, radio and music at work, music in the evening, thinking about music and playing music with my son. So it is very important to me.

What is Jelly Funk Allstars?
The Jellyfunk Allstars is a group of 3 DJs and promoters who got together to put on amazing events and DJ together. Recently we have branded the party crew, launched a website/blog, clothing range and have got some big name DJs coming to play at some of our events in 2015

When did the Jelly Funk name appear?

JellyFunk is the genius of Mr Toby Bryant, he has been throwing parties of the name JellyFunk for over 10 years locally. He has been kind enough to let myself and 25Thc help him with events and launching the JellyFunk all-stars.

What sort of events do you do? 

The events we do are the greatest parties, with the best vibes, happy friendly people all dancing the same beat. Good music good people. We are the original beat providers.

Our man Fatz & Supream came down to a event (winter warm up) and did an Event review, how did you find that event?

Thanks for the review FDM was a really great piece. We found that after a lot of careful planning and promotional the night was a complete success, all of the tickets sold out, everyone was happy and partied to the very early hours of the morning. The international act were amazing and the crowd loved every minute of the ski themed event. Watch out for the next big event in Feb/March time next year.

What would you like from your music? 

A beat you can nod your head to, and shake your ass to.

Have you had any inspirations within music? 

My family mainly. Also all of the music i listened to growing up as a kid to a teenager to now.

What would you say makes a successful event?
The people who come to the events , who create an amazing atmosphere from the music being played by the musicians or DJs

How much have you grown as in followers supporters within the last 12 months? 
Strength to strength, i find your followers need good content, more than were going to be here on so and so date, they need to interact with the person they are following. Supporters are the key to your feedback also, that tune was great etc.

What would you say is your biggest achievement within music? 

Having my music played on the BBC, playing my music to sold out crowds full of people and seeing them dance, and most recently produced and releasing my own music

What would you do if it wasn’t for music? 

I am a keen artist and photographer, so properly both of those.



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