ZoZo interview



Have you got any inspirations?

My inspirations are watching people, watching myself, the world, history, life and everything really. I find people very fascinating. I also am fascinated about secrets and things we all do to get by in this world.

Whats the hardest part of being a solo artist?

I actually love being on my own and writing on my own, but I think the hardest part is making decisions and not regretting.

Have you gained any really over the top great fans/stalkers along your career?

No, not really. Quite a few people are fascinated about my odd shoes and face paint.

We see you have played some gigs, what would be the perfect gig for you?

I would love to play a big festival. Looking out to a sunny field. I also love intimate gigs so playing up on a mountain, or in death valley would be amazing, quite scary at the same time.

When did you start your music career?

I started writing 4 years ago when I was 18. I hadn’t decided I wanted to pursue music but a year later I move to Britain and that was for my music so about 3 years. Haven’t earned much money from my music yet so I’m not sure if to call it a career! If you could describe your style what would you call it? I’m in a bit of a transition period. I’m working more with synths and electronic sounds instead of guitar and piano. I don’t really know, I don’t really want to fit into a box but I think i would call it dream wave, melancholic quirky.

We can see you are very energetic and a bubbly person, do you bring this into your music also?

No, my words and melodies are very melancholic and dark. I have been asked this a few times as I do seem to come across quite bubbly but my artisticness comes out in dark sounds and words. I have got a few happy songs though!

What has been your biggest accomplishment within your music?

I used to be very stubborn about my singing voice. I have quite a low voice and didn’t think I “needed” to work on my range as what I was doing was working ok at the time. Biggest accomplishment has been realizing that. Actually biggest accomplishment is moving to Britain and playing live. I was so scared, that is also tied in with my voice.

You have some deep songs, do you put a lot of passion and emotion into your songs?

Yes I do. I always feel very close to songs that mean a lot or are about something that really shocked me, loved me, moved me.. I cry a lot too!

What do your fans say most about your music?

Surprised about how low my voice is. Most people seem to like my Spanish song Too Good and want to know what it’s about. Dark, just very dark..! We see a flower on your face a lot, whats is this about? I started drawing that on my face two years ago now! I did a little festival in Brighton and decided to embrace the festivalness and then thought I should continue doing something when I performed live. This then led to everyday! The flower doesn’t really mean anything, it’s just something simple that I can draw and people remember.. I’ve now changed to a swirly doodle, I like to do different things.

With such deep and meaningful music, how do you stay so bubbly and colorful?

I’m confused myself! I really don’t know. I think a lot about the past and about life. I think too much maybe. My songs seem to be that part in the film where the sad dreamy music plays and people look at each other and walk away or kiss, hug, run.. I always cry at those points! Reflective moments in people’s lives fascinate me but at the same time I laugh at how serious I take myself and that’s the bubblyness and colourfulness.

Whats next on the agenda?

I’m recording a lot. As I said I’m not sure what I’m doing with my sound so that is the next step. Working with producers and other musicians. I write the whole time, I just need to choose a few songs to put out.

What can your fans expect from your music in the future?

Songs and videos. A lot swirly doodles and odd shoes. I’ve changed my name to Zozo so there will be new art work for that too.

When did you decide to start writing songs?

I didn’t really decide. I bought a guitar when I finished school 4 years ago and started learning chords. I always loved music and knew I wanted to do something artistic, I had done arts and crafts all life and music was around the house. I started putting words together a little before I started writing song. I would sing along to songs while learning chords and because I always preffered singing with a lower voice I would make up harmonies and melodies and then realized they were completely different and it was my own song! It was all very natural. After 2 days of putting three chords together I was obsessed, and still am and probably will be forever. It’s my life.

Do you play any gigs back in brighton?

I did one gig in February. I should organize something back there as I have lots of friends and musician friends there.I love Brighton but I am really happy here in London.

How is london for a up and coming artists such as yourself?

It’s a great place, there are so many venues with open mics to practice and showcase and meet people and there are so many great venues. It’s also hard because there is everyone, there are so many great people. Everyone is different and great at their own thing so it makes you stronger and pushes you to get better. It’s a healthy environment but also very frustrating! Would you ever go and play your music back in spain? Yes, lots of my friends ask me to play when I go back which is lovely! I need to organize a gig in Girona! I don’t know much about the music scene there as I hadn’t started playing when I moved to UK.

Have you done any collabs or plan to?

I have done a few but nothing has really come to anything. I’ve recorded a few demos with other musicians. I really want to do more although I always prefer writing on my own. I actually have a couple of dates this next month to collaborate which is exciting as they are quite different to me.

With the traveling you have done do you feel this has helped your music with using your life experiences?

Yes I think that life has such a big influence in music and art. I have 2 lives. One that formed me but is very far from me and one that I’m living right now. It’s strange thinking about it sometimes, I was quite confused and lost in my last few years in Spain, very happy and living in the moment which is great but I had no clue what I was doing with my life. It’s great to have a focus. I love being surrounded by people that have travelled and have different stories to tell, same as people who have grown up in the same town, that is also very fascinating seeing time pass by in the same place.

Would you say you have blossomed as a artist, as you have played more?

Yes, performing to people and different audiences lets you see what works and what doesn’t. It also makes you nervous at times and that is very good. I was getting a bit stale playing the same guitar patterns and then decided to play piano live and got nervous and felt like I had accomplished something just because it was a new step. I still have a long way to go.

Whats next in landan!?

Lots more songs and new live set up. Writing a lot and recording. I’m very settled here so don’t think I’ll be leaving any time soon.

Got any plans for summer?

At the moment summer is the same as above. I’m working with my synth and trying out new things while deciding on the songs I want to release. I also hope to organize a gig for late September with a new exciting live set up.



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