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On one of Fatz online searches and promoting of Face Down Musik he came in contact with this young talented artist, within a short while the pair began talking and fatz could see the talent and hear the passion and dedication this man has within his music. Giving 100% Saleem has nothing to prove when it comes to the work he is putting in, a keen young man with a bright future if he keeps up the pace of work he is portraying now. As well as showing his go getter attitude within his music, Saleem was happy to do a interview with Face down musik So here it is and some links so you can catch up with Saleem!!


What’s your stage name? 

Currently my stage name is Saleem but I’m thinking of changing it, why? Because I feel like I have new energy, a new outlook from here out and I want to present a new persona out there for the world to see and experience, I think Saleem was on the come up and spiritually I think I’m here now, like I really feel I’ve found myself now, meaning my groove, and a strong way to express myself.

When did you get into music? 

Well I started listening to 2pac and really liked what he was doing/saying so I listened to more of his songs, and listened to other artists such as Biggie smalls, Eminem, 50cent, Dr dre and many more I could go on forever, but I really felt like I could do the same so when I was about 13, 14 I started writing songs and then at 15 I booked a studio session and had a go at it to see where it could lead to and ever since then I fell in love with music and became more passionate about it.

Have you done any collabs? 

Yes I have, I have done what I call minor collaborations with a couple of artists, that you might of heard of, I do this as an exercise, practice and preparation for when a big name does come calling which will be one day soon without a doubt I’ll be ready , also I’m currently collaborating with a producer/beat maker from France who has just sent me some hot beats and I really can’t wait to complete this project and put my own stamp on these beats for the world to hear and enjoy.

What’s the biggest thing you have done in music? 

The Biggest thing I’ve done in music so far is deciding to go straight in with an album instead of a mixtape, I strong believe that doing an album instead of a mixtape will make me stand out more as an artist, like I’m really serious about my music, this isn’t a hobby, it’s a full time job, and hopefully will be a long life career inshallah for as long as I live, so we will see where my album takes me.

Who are your inspirations within music? 

Well you may not have heard of him but my manager/mentor Joseph Wright is a big inspiration in my life, like he’s really helped shaped the way I rap now, and got me where I am today so a massive thank you to him, also my wonderful mother who has always supported me in my music and my brother Amir a.k.a Amz who is also a music artist that you might of heard of shout out to him, and of course my amazing fans on a real they inspire me to keep going and make real good music for them and the world to enjoy, but I catch a lot of inspiration off my favourite artists too like drake, rick ross, French Montana, 50 cent, Eminem and many more.

What’s the plan for music in 2015? 

To collaborate with a major label, I want to really get out there and perform live, and to establish myself in the UK, and globally as a serious artist/rapper, all in one year? Yeah why not?

Your track ‘Fuck a hater’ is this aimed at anyone special?

No it’s not aimed at anyone special, like in life you’re going to get haters hating on you whether you’re doing good or bad, like no matter what these nameless, faceless people say, I’m still going to continue what I’m doing regardless, like if you have a dream and you are really passionate about it, you will do whatever it takes to achieve that on a real I refuse to let any negativity to bring me down or stop me from what I’m doing I just keep it moving.

Your track ‘Mr fantastic’ what’s this track about?

That I’m fantastic, I did that track to boost my ego, like really I believe you should big yourself up from time to time, not enough people do that and there is no harm in doing that.

Is there anyone you would like to work with?

Yes of course, I have a whole leap of artists I would like to collaborate with such as Tinie tempah, Dappy, Wretch 32, Sam Smith, Emeli Sande, Adele, Ed Sheeran, French Montana, Drake, 50cent, Jay Z, Kanye West, Rick Ross Eminem, Pharrell and many more because of their success and I love what they do.

What’s the ideal outcome from music for you? 

To be the greatest that ever spawned from the UK musically, and to have collaborated with all my favourite artists, and to win a Grammy or 2, also a brit award would be great too, like I’m not joking I’m really going at this, people take you more seriously when speak like this.

What can your fans expect next? 

New songs, music videos, live performances, new styles and flows, a more matured sound and a completed album by summer 2015

What would you say motivates you most? 

Well I really enjoy what I do and that motivates me a lot I strongly believe that the key to success is to enjoy what you do, and of course the feedback I get back from people about my music, also the love and hate keeps me motivated.

You was on a late shift just like our guy Fatz, is this a usual sleep pattern for you? Late nights? 

No it’s not, it’s long nights, fast food and early mornings for me there’s times where I don’t sleep at all and I just keep on going but yeah I’m always up working writing songs, recording, coming up with new ideas that I can present to the world, and practicing, I mean I practice a lot until I get it right you know that’s really important to me, crafting my art.

What’s the first thing planned for 2015? 

Live performances, open mic sessions etc. record new songs, and shoot new music videos, also a photo shoot is needed, and it’s been a while since I last had a photo shoot so yeah I really can’t wait.

Have you made any big plans for the New Year? 

To hit the gym and get into shape, I’m not saying I’m over weight but I got a little belly, from being in the studio hours on end working, eating fast food, also to get some more ink like I’ve got some ideas I’ve been thinking about but soon as I decide on what I want I’ll be in the tattoo shop straight away.


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Saleem Mr Fantastic:


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