Tuggy Fresh Interview

Where did the name Tuggy Fresh come from?

The name stemed from a nick name I was given by my pals when I was a kid. “Young tugg” lol we are going back a while there..as I grew older the name stuck and one of my good mates and a wiked producer called “trini trotter” started calling me tuggy fresh and from then it just caught on and people started using it. I even had my college teachers calling me tuggy lol

Where are you based?

Right I’m based around Manchester but I’m all over the north west and still visit London Brighton and my home town eastbourne

What genre of music do you listen to?

I listen to most genres of music..I love music it’s the language of the world and I always find a different element in different genres that fascinates me!..I think as a artist it’s key to having a open mind to all types of music.

How many tracks have you released?

Actually only released seven tracks!..I’ve been sitting on a lot of tracks and never released them! Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy in the studio, I wanted to get it right so much I would over think and spend to much time on a track and leave it..that was when I was less experienced in the studio though

Have you worked with many artists?

I’ve work with loads of artists over time. can’t even think to put a number on it. I’ve worked with some really talented artists though some a little known some not so much. Personally I don’t think it matters how known they are what matters is the chemistry of the track. I love to colab with people that have that positive energy you can bounce of in the studio

Do you have a full time plan within the music scene?

For the next 18 months I have just signed a contract stephen french and Christian Roberts will be my management. I’ll be releasing a album and be getting about doing shows I’m just taking it as it comes at the moment my plan is just staying motivated, not let things get in the way physically and mentally and become the sombody I was born to be

Would you say you work hard on your music?

In all honesty I haven’t applyed myself to music like I should have in the past. I let a lot of bullshit get in the way! But I’m grown now and I’m hungry I must stay focused now. I feel I’m at the right point in my life to say a lot of positive things in a negative environment and the world needs that

Do you believe the music scene has changed over the years? if so for better or worse?

Yessss massively! I spose it’s changed in all genres but different in all Aswell. I spose it depends on where you look and where you listen! There’s some brilliant music out there today and then there’s some not so meaningful mindless puppet music Aswell lol

If music wasn’t on your list of goals what would you like to do?

The first thing would be acting! I love acting I’ve done a bit for true mobster.. always have a laugh on set and like the crativity of it all..if I didn’t do that I’d like to open a urban street wear shop

Have you done many live shows?

Yeah I’ve done loads of live shows..some where there was about 15 people at the venue haha and then some to thousands..I’m pleased I done every single one and gave energy to all of them. performing to a small croud made me more nervous then big ones sometimes! It’s good to learn and take experience from each performance and we all gota start somewhere

Would you say there is much support around for new artists?

I don’t think there is to be honest there’s a lot of artists out there that are stupidly talented and just never had a break. I know a fair few myself! I spose there’s more opportunity when your in a city but a lot of it is being in the right place at the right time infront of the right eyes and the rights ears which is a game of luck

We see you have worked with billy boi & fullmarx, would you say these are both great artists?

Yeah I’ve worked with both of them a few times they are both good mates of mine. They are both serious artists they are chalk and cheese! Both very different full Marx we used to nik name captain hook in the studio because of his insane ability to coungour up a winner hook to any beat you played him in the time it took him to finish his spliff haha good days they were! He can play a few instruments well sing like a boss and can rap..billy bois a grime man he does do other genres but he is a grime man billy bois work rate is madness he’s got the best work rate out of any artist I know hands down he’s got mixtapes for days lol big up them both

If you could work with any artists past or present who would you choose?

There’s so many artists I’d love to of had the chance or to have the chance of working with 2pac Johnny cash biggie ed sheeran emeli sande delvin immoral technique mobb deep ben Howard Adele to name a few

How do you feel about your place within the music scene right now?

Hungry. I feel hungry in the place I am now things have been slowly falling into place. Hungry and starting off

Have you got many plans for 2016?

I’ll be in the studio working on my album, doing shows, doing bits of acting I’m going to be putting the work in in 2016..Aswell as looking after my family moving house and having a cheeky holiday lol

Have you ever thought about quitting music?

NO!!!.. and I never will!..music is a part of me it runs through me..anyone who “quits” music is doing it for the wrong reasons music isn’t something you quit not in my eyes anyway

Who is a big influence for you when it comes to music?

My mates are the biggest influence on me musically..I live hundreds of miles away from a lot of my closest mates but when we see each other and we do music in the studio together or if one of us just starts splitting it brings it all back for me, drives me to do better in friendly compition people like trini trotter hobz wardy full Marx Melodist billy boi and mearzo

Why do you love music so much?

It’s the language of the word, it can bring back memory’s like photos can, it can make you feel all sorts of emotions, I let music run through my mind body and soul! A world without music would be a horrible place! overall I love music as it’s been my way of expressing myself keeping sane without it I’d be lost as would many



FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TuggyFresh92

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/TuggyFresh92

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/TuggyFresH92



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