Big Lottery Grant


So its come to the end of our financial year with the helping hand of the big lottery fund. We was awarded £10,000 around December 2014 and it has helped us achieve greatness in a much shorter time then what it would have if we had raised the funds ourself. The ‘Awards for all grants’ are really a blessing for any organisations/charities/clubs trying to achieve positive progressive movements. With the help of local people from The Underground Theatre, we was identified as a organisation who is known for helping others.

Here at Face Down Musik we have used our grant for a vast amount of equipment, promotions and many projects, trying to reach as many people as possible. We have been able to reach out our hand to clothe, feed and support homeless people on many occasions.


We have established ourselves as big players in the local music scene, with many artists contacting us for sessions, videos and support within their music career. We have also been able to put on live shows supporting our local theatre and talented artist gain the exposure they deserve. Gig buddies are also a great organisation to look into, they help people with learning difficulties get to live shows and experience the fun everyone else has the chances to.

Although we have always looked to help others, we are now being contacted on a daily basis to support so many more people. For people contacting us we feel humbled and thankful you recognise the changes we will carry on to make in others lives.

Here is a short video showing some of there great things we have achieved this year and plan to carry on achieving.


Our FDM.TV Sessions are a great way for artists to showcase their talents and with no added cost. We have decided raw talent should be shared amongst the public for free, that why we invite any artist to send in some content of their talents.

This is a fine example of what we want:






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