Knowledge is Power Promotions interview

Here at Face Down Musik we are always making connections and supporting others with the music/media industry, whilst on our own journey we noticed these guys… KNOWLEDGE IS POWER PROMOTIONS
All we can say about them is that ….   Well they put that work in! 100%! They are always updating various projects and we have always seen positive moves from these guys in the game, not only are they making movements but they are helping many artists along the way!
We would defiantly say Knowledge is Power Promotions are ones to keep a eye on, even if your not in the music game.
LATEST EVENT: Ten year anniversary event end of this month –
What is ‘Knowledge is power promotions’ ?
Knowledge Is Power Promotions is a unique brand that provides a variety of cheap services for musicians and brands through the use of social media, industry contacts and word of mouth. We offer a range of services including promotion campaigns and packages, reviews, PR, marketing, artist management and much more.
Started in 2006 by founder and sole owner Jack Matthews, KIP has branched out into the urban music scene, providing services for an endless list of well known artists, DJ’s, Producers and collectives. We have gained recognition from some of the biggest names in the uk grime scene and continue to make new networking contacts and affiliates
We pride ourselves on providing premium services for cheap prices with our main aim being to help the scene grow and bring some underground talent to the forefront of the industry and gain the client new fans and exposure for their music/product.
Where did the name come from?
I remember back in the day when trying to think of a name for the brand i was listening to some early Akala and heard him say the phrase “Knowledge Is Power” and the more i thought about it, the more relevant it became to the brand i was trying to start. If you dont observe and stay up to date with the scene your based in your less likely to have a position of power in said scene. thus Knowledge Is Power
Who is involved within the company? 
The company itself is (and has been for the last ten years) run soley by myself Jack Matthews. In recent years i have worked very closely with close friend Sam Delahaye of DelahayeTV who also has some involvement in aspects of the company now. I also put together KIPGANG, a team of talented producers and artists that are contracted under our management service and work very hard year in year out. We dont like to think of KIPGANG as a team or crew, more of a movement consisting of a bunch of artists and producers.
When did ‘Knowledge is power promotions’ start? 
To cut a long story short back in 2006 i was receiving an influx of messages from family and friends complaining about how i used to share so many music videos and music links on my facebook/myspace/bebo (yeah that long ago!) and fill up peoples newsfeeds haha. To combat this problem i started up a facebook page and blog so that i had somewhere to post everything that i was enjoying in the scene without bothering people.
What was the first steps for the company? 
Aside from the link sharing i always had good connections in the uk scene from an early age due to the support i gave to up and coming artists and little did i know that a majority of them would blow up into the calibre of artist that they are nowadays. I think once of the first real moves we made was to put together a compilation mixtape named “You’ll Get Wrapped Vol 1” that we released via Hoodtapes. It had exclusive tracks from the likes of Ten Dixon, Novelist, Random Impulse, Dot Rotten and loads more before they all blew up into uk icons. What i enjoyed about that project was the ability to put out a product that included artists from all over the uk including providing a small stepping stone for local artists from my area. If anyone reading this has this mixtape still please send it to me haha, the Hoodtapes link died a few years back and i didnt get chance to recover it.
What would you say is the main aim of ‘Knowledge is power promotions’ ?
My main aim with this is just to build a brand that is known for bringing you the freshest music and shedding light on the underdogs that may not get chance to otherwise shine in this ever growing industry. Theres a million mcs and producers out there but some of the best don’t surface for years because they arent marketing themselves in the right ways.
Who have you worked with within your time in the industry? 
Its probably easier to list who we HAVENT worked with but heres a brief list
DJs – DJ Odie (Wavey FM), DJ Platinum, DJ Flaco Flash (USA), Ekoe Beats, Beatwrecka, Face, DJ Big Mikee, Scruloose, DJ Refix (Wavey FM), DJ Ferrisoi, DJ KDubz, DJ Recon, DJ Agro, DJ BPM & More
Artists – Roachee, Vader (Invasion), Depzman (Invasion), Tabanacle, Jamakabi, Riko Dan, Fangol, Koder, Ak (Scumfam), Xtra, Killa P, Traumatik (Dark Elements/Overload Squad/StickyLemons), Don Andre, Ten Dixon (W.A.V.E/Minarmy), Young Rage, Talapaton, Zeo, Proton (Badside), Spookasonic, Leeroy Grudge (Gritty Substances), Nolay, Izzie Gibbs, Pakin (Japan), Chemz, Kriptik, Positive Vibes Crew, Billyboi, Rhymeskeemz, Benny Blanko, MDR, Opiffawana, Young Spide, Potluck, Solow Brown (USA), Dexter, Aikz, Timbar, Sox (Invasion), Jaykae (Invasion), Subzee (FRB), Kdot (Scumfam), Terra Montana, Kannan (Scumfam) Villain Bo (USA), Flexplicit, Xp, Bigz, Savage, Rhymestein, Tali, Dialect, Society, Illinformed, Row D, Hitman (Invasion) & More
Producers – Avery Caines, Meenz, So Real Sounds, Visualist, Hoax Beats, Dubzta, Big Mikee, Skinzmann, Highfonics, Scruloose, Climaks Beats, Emlac, Jon Doh, Blatant, Tiny Temptationz, Darx, RSK, Heckz, Kronzy, Westy, John Brown The Rebel, Dutty Dog & More
Collectives – Scumfam, Minarmy, W.A.V.E, Invasion Alert, FRB, Highrise, GameOver, Rhymes Galore, Dark Elements, Badside, Gritty Substances, F.L.E, Young Guvament, FGM, Positive Vibes Crew, AIM
Company’s – RCTV, Grime Digital, Royal Heir Ent (USA), Feel Good Muzik, NBT Media, FlyOTW, Wavey FM, Crucast, DelaHayeTv, PeakStreet Clothing, Snazz
Have you got big plans for 2016? 
Our plans for this year are much the same as the previous year, keep pushing the brand and our clients and have fun along the way. The satisfaction of working with the artists that i work with is probably the thing that keeps me going along with the consistent support of our fanbase
What would you say is your biggest achievement so far?
As a brand id say our biggest achievements are our three KIPGANG albums, most noticebly the “Fifth Element” album that we just dropped. Aside from that our rememberance release for Depzman was a very special one for us,
Have you had any hate towards your movement? 
Yeah were just like any other person or brand, we receive hate and badmind all the time but you can either take those things to fuel your fire or let them brake you. They are yet to faze me or the brands movements so keep the hate coming haha
Do you feel you have lost friend, by making positive movements? 
100%, theres been friends lost over bitterness, friends lost over jelousy but the worst ones are friends that don’t understand why i put so much time into it. A lot has happened to me throughout the years in my personal life and my escape has always been music in one form or another. I dont think id be able to function without the company nowadays, my brain is constantly planning the next release or the next promo campaign so i dont really have time to worry about people who dont support myself in the choice to run the company.
Do you believe ‘Knowledge is power promotions’ is going to be your full time career from now on? 
Im not going to sugarcoat it, im a normal guy i work a 9-5 to provide for my family and im lucky to make a second income from my business. In an ideal world of course id love to do this full time as my sole purpose of income but as a father and partner its also a big risk to take. One thing ive learnt about the scene is a lot of people are reluctant to invest in themselves, a big percentage of rappers are talking about money but their bank balances are screaming overdrawn haha
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LATEST EVENT: Ten year anniversary event end of this month –

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