Why are majority of rappers fake…


Ok to start off all views are my own and do not reflect those of my team, but again if your really REAL you can probably relate to the post… So in my eyes nearly every rapper wants to start off by talking absolute rubbish about money.. COME ON! Your recording your video in either a beat up flat from the council claiming full benefits because you think your better then work, or your mothers house talking about money you haven’t got to impress people who don’t care. How can these so called ‘Ballers’or ‘Real G’s’ be having no money in the bank, no money in their pocket and usually a ounce on tick, but they still talking smack about how they “Earning P’s FAM!”.

If your a rapper talking about how much you earn and your video is beat up just like your low level lyrics, then your probably not advancing your life much but giving yourself a false image in your head of what a real G you are, but if you was as real as you say you are then you would see the fake image your portraying for yourself. We all need to be brutally honest these rappers flashing £100- £5,000 cash in Instagram videos or Facebook pictures have only had a good few days shoting and the majority of that money is going back to the dealer who they got their product from, because these fake gangsters love living on tick… MUGS

Maybe this doesn’t just aim at the rappers of todays society, but a lot of young fake gangsters filling their minds up with a imagination of G lifestyles.. The youth of today are watching these rappers on TV and thinking that the Ciroc bottle represents success, or some sort of cool image. We all know some wanker at the weekend who’s been saving he’s pocket/benefit money (P’S FAM!) all week to pose with either Ciroc, Hennesy, Courvoisier, or if they are lucky a few have chipped in for this image that they can’t afford…

Diddy seen here (Top) drinking he’s Ciroc like a real boss..

BeFunky Collage

Now the bottom picture contains the mouthy fake society that has a attitude problem and using the words like “My G” “Nuff luv” “Boys 4 lyf”. These are the wankers who are usually posing with Ciroc bottles, who can’t afford the lifestyle and don’t pay the rent money. These are also the same individuals who if they choose to have a rap career decide to start off by talking smack about money they don’t get. To go with the money they don’t get, they usually talk about the “bitches” they don’t get, or women as we like to know the female form as.

These fake rappers who are shouting into iPhones, Samsungs and throwing up the middle finger in every video are probably whats wrong with society now days, lets think about some other rappers and their actions.. The smart ones are into businesses, brands, money, investments and still making good music whilst always looking to connect and learn.. Those fake gangsters with a little flow vanish into the same pit they crawled from.

AND WHY OH WHY do people rent cars and rooms for videos pretending its their property!? I mean we understand making a good music video to entertain your fans and thats fine, but don’t stunt like the rentals are yours when your catching the bus back home after getting out of the expensive car. Remember your still going back to a minimum wage job and shoting after your video shoot so why not be real and make music that relates to the people in the same or similar situations… Stunting an being fake will only end bad once people realise your music represents a fake lifestyle. That being said if you are humble and don’t try portray the rentals as your own, then people will know your just making good music and entertainment.


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