Where has loyalty gone!?


Loyalty is a big part of the generation today, but has it all fallen down to memes, quotes and sayings then actual real loyalty!?  I mean look around, are we all actually being loyal to each other or is it just what we represent on social media to appear to be loyal to others. Is our actions of loyalty real, or are they only as real a the pictures we share, videos we post and comments we make. If you had a chance to advance yourself would you be disloyal??… It has become clear to me that every person is obsessed with the word snake (Snake = Snakey person/Back stabber), but is that a generation thing or just small minded towns…

Loyalty now days means being loyal to your ‘friends’ who it seems encourage fuckary, with no actual loyalty to you. FuckBoys now days will screw over the good girls, ignore their own mothers and be loyal to the ‘friends’ who get them in trouble, ruin education, employment and thats seen as acceptable because its friends and they got you right!?? its loyalty right!??.. But will those same ‘Loyal Friends” have you when bills need paying?, Your jobless?,  Kicked out of school?, Kicked out of college?… Are these the friends that you really want to be around because of loyalty and being real with your crew.

If we all faced facts and released that if they have that much disregard to the well being of your life, would that not be seen as automatically being disloyal. Loyalty means friends, family and loved ones sticking together for the greater good through any hardships. Loyalty is someone having your back, not stabbing you in it. I feel a lot of people have forgotten what loyalty is, because they are to busy trying to appear loyal rather then actually being loyal.


TRENT SHELTON is a good person to listen to.

LOYALTY – the quality of being loyal: his extreme loyalty tothe Crown.• count noun ] (often loyaltiesa strong feeling of support or allegiance: rows with in-laws are distressing because they cause divided loyalties


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