Justin Bieber performing in Eastbourne, East Sussex


Justin Bieber will be performing live! At the bandstand in Eastbourne, East Sussex! 28th MARCH 2016!!


Ok to start off look at the news source for your information! You see a nice headline and are fooled, but very few of you understand the concept that the internet is full of lies! Did you know that Elvis is actually still alive and well, he’s been found in area 51…..

NO thats another lie, but if that had a headline online and a picture you would be sharing it round faster then herpes! It is crazy how so many people can be fooled with a headline and a few photos, its no wonder that so many people get ripped off online. Lets take a minute    and focus on what really matters and that is common sense. Many people don’t have it and thats fair enough, but don’t share content without looking at the news source first. So many people have shared stories that are not true, followed crowds going the wrong way on a subject that probably is made up… “Copy and paste this to your status, or pay for FaceBook in 30 days”…. COME ON! Its not that hard to notice false content and not being a sheep. No Justin Bieber is not going to Eastbourne, but I hope this has opened your minds to what to look for when thinking of sharing the story or content online. Look for a good news source, with credible stories or decent relatable true content in the past.

If the story sounds to good to be true then it probably is, but do the research! You have google at your finger tips, so don’t be shy. If you find a story online you think is questionable then by all means question it. Look for more reliable sources of news, find out where this story has come from. Check pictures, dates and photo originality. If the story has come from http://www.gainyourmoney.com then the story about prince charles on the bob sled team probably is a trap to gain your email address for marketing…. Be smart look at news sources and DO YOUR RESEARCH!


Any one wishing to talk about these issues further, catch me on:

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/fatz_fdm

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/fatz.fdm/


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