Small minds… F*** them!

You ever thought to yourself “I can do that”, then someone comes along and shatters your ideas or tells you you can’t do something. That person has the small mind not you, always remember that your playing small does not serve the world. Be who you want to be regardless of other peoples opinions and ideas of what you can or can not achieve, it is not their life to live so why would you entertain the negativity that will be holding you back.

Its a crazy thought to think that people will be told when to wake, what to wear, what to do, what they can earn and then go home… thinking thats a normal lifestyle.. How can we be alive to be modern day slaves to debt, employment and struggle. The idea of this being seen as normal, but further more the people trapped in this system are the ones to disagree with anyone trying to make a positive change. Entrepreneurship is seen by the majority as a risk, a failure and only the success stories are other people. The fact of the matter is even the Entrepreneurs of today all started somewhere


Im not telling you to go quit your job, or be a bum because thats what you want to do… But I am telling you, be humble and understand that there is more to life then repetitive actions. You can achieve what you want to if your really try, by really try I mean 100%. Do not give it the bigger and then half ass a challenge and quit, because that makes you a failure not life but you! Get your self up, dust yourself off and try again! “I learn more in failure then I ever do in success” – Jay Z.

Im not sure how true it is he said that, I’m pretty sure he did say it. For the benefit of this post i’ll ask him next time I see him (Never). All I’m saying is open your mind, believe in more and focus on a better future. We need to take responsibilities for our set backs, its not always others fault we didn’t achieve in life.

I don’t mean to offend any one, but if you think going to a job you hate and wishing away your weekdays is normal then your crazy… Also shut the fuck up bitching on social media about drama, that you have only seen on TV, then repeat in every day life. Watching drama creates drama, think about how your programming your mind… (I’ll do another post on the negative affects of TV…)




Any one wishing to talk about these issues further, catch me on:





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