Fatz YouTube channel

So Fatz aka me or is it me…. Ok there is a YouTube channel with various videos and support to health, wealth and generally doing a little better with some support. Go view to hate or support either way jot will be a view in my favour… haha



This is a guideline to simple trend trading on market direction, but please bare in mind all trading comes at a risk. This strategy is very basic and a good starting point for anyone wanting to learn the stock market. Please always look into other strategies and combine your ideas and formulas for successful trading.
I trade binary, if you are unaware of binary please look it up or check out another one of my videos going into detail of binary trading.




Pinocchio trading strategy is one of the first strategies I learnt straight after trend trading, but this strategy may have some other names for the actual indicator (Pinocchio).
The indication of change in direction through the Pinocchio signal, but keep a eye on the market and watch it for a while. Look for the Pinocchio indicator and see how many times it will work and change that direction, even for short periods.

I would highly suggest you learn various strategies and learn from others of how they are creating their own winning strategies.
Remember self education is key in this, a fool will rush in and waste money.
A wise man will succeed through trial and error, but reduce the failures if possible.



Any one wishing to connect further, catch me on:
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/fatz_fdm

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/fatz.fdm/

SNAPCHAT: Fatboy-88


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