Trading signals


Trading has always been a interest for a lot of people and thats not just because of ‘wolf of wall street’, but that film does shed light on the vast amount of money that can be gained through the stock markets.

But how much do we know about the forex markets!? Did you know that the forex markets trade a much larger amount of money then the stock markets?… With that in mind I’m sure we have all heard of ‘Plus 500’, or ‘IQ Options’. These apps are easy to access, but without market knowledge your bound to lose your money.

Who really wants to lose money all because they got excited on how much they could win, I mean thats the same as gambling right? But then again so is the forex market or any trading, but we just learn more, analyse more to limit the loss ratio. Why do we do this!? Why do we gamble or invest/trade? all for the MULA/CASH/MONEY.

Its clear that money motivates nearly everyone and greed is something most people get when it comes to money, so don’t go out and get greedy with your money and gamble it away in a hope you may win. Go buy some education, self education, books, knowledge and then go get your money you’ve learnt your way towards.

Fatz has decided to test out some signal providers and he will do a weekly review on those signals, with added content and discounts from Fatz and the signal providers. Here is he’s first video which was a short video, but he will have full reviews each week! Both signal providers are active for 1 month, which Fatz paid for so you don’t have to.




Signal providers are:


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