Knowledge is power promotions new site!

Whats your news years resolution?……
Make more music!?    More collabs!?     Write some new lyrics!?     Get on stage!?

How about actually doing something that will push you forward this year! You need to get your music out there and we know exactly where to go!
Contact today!!

Why Knowledge is power promotions?
Well thats a great questions and simply put. It works, the process that knowledge is power promotions has actually gets you seen.
A 11 year old company with bags of experience within the music scene, with artists, shows and a whole lot more under the belt you can tell this company is one to watch!

Face down musik has seen the come up of Knowledge is power over the past few years. We have had a great understanding with Fatz our owner and the owner of Knowledge is power promotions Jack Mathews.
There has been no rivalry between two very similar companies within the same industry. On recent talks with Fatz he said “We support and respect the massive work rate Knowledge is power promotions puts out there for up and coming artists”.


About knowledge is power promotions

Knowledge Is Power Promotions is a unique brand that provides a variety of cheap services for musicians and brands through the use of social media, industry contacts and word of mouth. We offer a range of services including promotion campaigns and packages, reviews, PR, marketing, artist management and much more.

Started in 2006 by founder and sole owner Jack Matthews, KIP has branched out into the urban music scene, providing services for an endless list of well known artists, DJ’s, Producers and collectives. We have gained recognition from some of the biggest names in the uk grime scene and continue to make new networking contacts and affiliates

We pride ourselves on providing premium services for cheap prices with our main aim being to help the scene grow and bring some underground talent to the forefront of the industry and gain the client new fans and exposure for their music/product.

As a company we continue to grow and build our creative force on a daily basis. We are not aiming to become the next big platform for music promotion and services, put simply our main aim is to work with big names in the urban scene and provide copious amounts of good music for all the listeners out there.


Knowledge is power promotions prices 

With a proven track record of successful campaigns and 100% work rate given to every client, your sure to get your moneys worth when you choose Knowledge is power promotions. Over 11 years experience in the music scene doesn’t come easy, so remember experience talks volumes. You can go to a fresh kid from college with a music degree and no experience, or you can get in with the right company and let the experience do the talking.
Success or failure? Either way Knowledge is power promotions has been through it, learnt from it and can do nothing but succeed now days. So that the great wise words into consideration when you choose your promoter..
“Fail your way to success” – 11 years teaches many ways to master the music industry, so make sure you check out the services page here: 
EP/Mixtape Release
Social Media Management 
General Promo Package
£25 FOR 3 DAYS, £50 FOR 7 DAYS
EP/Mixtape Campaign
Graphic Design
Website Design 
Mass Mailout
Release/Product Review
CD Duplication
£1.50 PER UNIT





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