Face down musik, the music organisation supporting our community

Since the beginning we at Face down musik have been passionate about supporting our community. We pride ourselves on being big supporters of anyone trying to achieve a worthy goal, thats why we love doing live shows right here in  our home town of Eastbourne. Face down musik started early 2013 as a little project, by a group or artists.

Face down musik have done a whole heap for charities and those less fortunate. We even regularly like to go to Brighton and help a lot of the homeless there, by giving out some supplies at our own cost.
No one ever went broke by giving a little.. Below is a video we produced for our Homeless help projects.

Our aim is a little like Bob marleys mindset, with a lot of love and music ‘Every little thing will be alright’. Ok maybe not that simple but you get our aim for our organisation.

Our first show was in 2014 and was held in aid of 969290_675388959173581_716135565_nhomelessness and was a great success to help raise awareness. The show itself was a giant learning curve for ourselves, to which we was shocked at how many people showed up…
Lessons learnt and we held our heads high knowing we helped support various artist gain a platform to sing on, whilst supporting our local theatre http://undergroundtheatre.co.uk.

With our first live show done and great new faces being found, we decided that we was going to really take work very serious. So we grew from amateurs to the geniuses we are now.. Ok no, but we was approached by the theatre and met others to which lead us gaining £10,000 in lottery funding to grow Face down musikbig_lottery_fund_logo

The growth and money really helped us to support so many more people around our area, with more charities and organisations contacting us for support.
We have now had the opportunity to provide free photography and videography services for many and everyone has benefited from our work.

We felt we may have been losing focus on the music side, whilst we was doing a lot to support others. So guess what!?
We done another show!

Our show in 2015 was another fun filled night with our main focus being aimed at the lovely people at Gig Buddies. This charity help people with disabilities get access to live shows and enjoy great music. So naturally we made them our guest of honour!
We even had help on stage by a lovely young man with downs syndrome. He was supporting our guy Fatz with the big raffle.
We joined forces with a music management company at this point, to help each other through this showcase of talented individuals.

As you can see from recent shows we have always aimed to stay active within the music scene, which you can see on our YouTube channel.

Face down musik is not looking to slow down now days! We have a long way to go, but you can be sure we will be the one organisation that not only supports others, but builds doors of opportunities.

If you have a talent or ideas then please share them with us, we want to hear from you.


BeFunky Designdwswd


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