The music organisation supporting local artists in East Sussex

“Music are what emotions would sound likeil_340x270-495893067_d2f2this quote alone should tell you how important music is for our society.
There has been a serious decline in love over the past few generations and the sign of respect and love is slipping from our music.

Here is a perfect example:

• R&B in the late 90’s would make you want to fall in love and feel a connection with the person you are thinking about.
• R&B now days makes you want to go out drinking, whilst using vile language and finding one night stands.
• Rap music in the 80’s and 90’s used to talk about real issues, with Tupac being one of the most memorable and relevant lyrics around. “They got money for war, but can’t feed the poor”.
• Fast forward to rap and grime now days and its sort of a blur ” Money, money,money, bitches, get money, with my big 45 yo”..

The aim of Face down musik locally

We are looking for artists around the East Sussex area for future events, whilst also sharing the content they may have now. business-it
Supporting artist local to you is a lot more important then supporting the mindless crap that superstars share on TV.
Your local artists will appreciate it a lot more, thats where we come on and do our best to help dreams stay on track.
Support your local artists.

If you know any artists who need help then send their content our way. Connect with local bands and music movements, because these are the people who may make it big and you can be apart of that. A small share can go a long way, trust us we know. First no one would even connect and now we get shared about so much that artists regularly contact us for support.

What are we looking to do for the music scene?
Simply put Face down musik are putting the emotion and feeling back into the industry, whilst sharing talented artists with great talents.
We want artists to share their talents, their videos, their music on our page. We want to get East Sussex connected through music and feeling.
Large summer shows, to local theatres showing the best talents of the town and all for good causes.

Live shows are a great way to share the musical talents of that community, with a strong chance of having a decent night out. We have all been on nights out and thought what a waste of time, but rarely do we go to live shows and think the same.
Not only are mosts shows enjoyable, but you can guarantee the ones doing the event are grateful to have you there for the support.

edsheeranmainEd Sheeran went from street busking to celebrity lifestyles and million seller hits. He did this with support of he’s fans, just like you can help the ones local to you!
We are going to continue to support those who we come into contact with through our organisation.
We are going to continue to grow into the beautiful music flower we are.

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