Trading signals

Trading has always been a interest for a lot of people and thats not just because of 'wolf of wall street', but that film does shed light on the vast amount of money that can be gained through the stock markets. But how much do we know about the forex markets!? Did you know that … Continue reading Trading signals


Fatz YouTube channel

So Fatz aka me or is it me.... Ok there is a YouTube channel with various videos and support to health, wealth and generally doing a little better with some support. Go view to hate or support either way jot will be a view in my favour... haha This is a guideline … Continue reading Fatz YouTube channel

Fatz on social media!

Have you ever wondered who runs Face Down Musik!? Who is the ape behind the camera? What does he do and how did it start?..... Well Fatz as he has been called for some time now is also on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram... Have a look if you don't believe us! He's on there sharing … Continue reading Fatz on social media!

Small minds… F*** them!

You ever thought to yourself "I can do that", then someone comes along and shatters your ideas or tells you you can't do something. That person has the small mind not you, always remember that your playing small does not serve the world. Be who you want to be regardless of other peoples opinions and … Continue reading Small minds… F*** them!

Justin Bieber performing in Eastbourne, East Sussex

FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY!! Justin Bieber will be performing live! At the bandstand in Eastbourne, East Sussex! 28th MARCH 2016!!   Ok to start off look at the news source for your information! You see a nice headline and are fooled, but very few of you understand the concept that the internet is full of … Continue reading Justin Bieber performing in Eastbourne, East Sussex

Where has loyalty gone!?

Loyalty is a big part of the generation today, but has it all fallen down to memes, quotes and sayings then actual real loyalty!?  I mean look around, are we all actually being loyal to each other or is it just what we represent on social media to appear to be loyal to others. Is … Continue reading Where has loyalty gone!?

Why are majority of rappers fake…

Ok to start off all views are my own and do not reflect those of my team, but again if your really REAL you can probably relate to the post... So in my eyes nearly every rapper wants to start off by talking absolute rubbish about money.. COME ON! Your recording your video in either … Continue reading Why are majority of rappers fake…