Billy Boi interview

We got the opportunity to catch up with BILLY BOI who is signed to Knowledge Is Power Promotions. With Billy Boi being so busy in he's music, it was rarity to catch some free time with this artist before he headed out again traveling the country performing and recording like there is no tomorrow! You can … Continue reading Billy Boi interview


City Of Ashes interview

We got a chance to catch up with our friends at City Of Ashes youtube at The Underground Theatre in Eastbourne, East Sussex. These guys have been supper busy launching their brand new album and touring the country! Their dedication to their art is admirable, as well as motivational for ourselves to move our asses! City Of … Continue reading City Of Ashes interview

Tuggy Fresh Interview Where did the name Tuggy Fresh come from? The name stemed from a nick name I was given by my pals when I was a kid. "Young tugg" lol we are going back a while I grew older the name stuck and one of my good mates and a wiked producer called "trini … Continue reading Tuggy Fresh Interview

Saleem interview

  On one of Fatz online searches and promoting of Face Down Musik he came in contact with this young talented artist, within a short while the pair began talking and fatz could see the talent and hear the passion and dedication this man has within his music. Giving 100% Saleem has nothing to prove when it … Continue reading Saleem interview

ZoZo interview

  Have you got any inspirations? My inspirations are watching people, watching myself, the world, history, life and everything really. I find people very fascinating. I also am fascinated about secrets and things we all do to get by in this world. Whats the hardest part of being a solo artist? I actually love being … Continue reading ZoZo interview

Big 404 interview

Fatz and Big 404 got talking a while back and met up to  go over some ideas how both could potetially help each other out as in similar line of work. The meetings lead to the FDM Jelly Funk event review, which went great and was enjoyed by both Fatz and Supream. Big 404 is … Continue reading Big 404 interview

Jack Lynch interview ( MC Lynchy )

So we got a glimpse of internet sensation Jack Lynch when he's bus stop freestyle went viral. Face down musik decided to get in touch with this young talent MC from Ireland, which turned out was living not far from family Fatz has over there!.. Small World! MC Lynchy was happy to do a interview … Continue reading Jack Lynch interview ( MC Lynchy )