How we can help you!

Here at Face down musik we love supporting artists and our community. With many of our live shows being aimed at spreading awareness for charitable causes. Our main focus is music and media, but since the beginning of Face down musik we have decided to use our abilities in any way possible to support those less fortunate.

1476559254308We connect with many artists and talented individuals throughout the projects we produce. Whilst connected with these artists we always discuss further ways, as a team we can create a charitable rewarding project to help
someone else ideas. Many of the artists we connect with jump on board and really believe in the projects we produce.
Music and media meets love and compassion.


Our media work includes filming of a wide variety of projects, not only for our community but for many other projects for many different people.
We can produce full HD quality videos, with all the affects needed and we do this to help others.

Our recent media projects have included filming for a local charity in aid or children with learning difficulties. Our project lasted a couple of weeks, with over 800 pictures and numerous videos of the whole process. We also got the opportunity to film a whole parade for the charity and produce a lovely video (Below)

Many of our videos are music based to support our local musicians, with a large portion
being the local youth who get actively involved with our projects. Face down musik9pama-portee_musicale is a music based media company and that is what we are most popular for, but as you can see we range throughout the media industry.

Charities and organisations we can help.

If you have a charity then feel free to charity work finalcontact us and
share some ideas of how we can help you, which we will be happy to consider for future projects. Our aim is to not only grow as a  media/music organisation, but use our influence for the greater good.

If you are looking for further exposure, or have a project in mind then think about how we can help. Maybe we could work together on a entertaining event?
Maybe you are looking for a photographer or videographer? We have provided free photography and videography to other charities.


Musicians we are here to support! 

From a wide range of free video productions, to a variety of photography work. Face down musik can do it all, whilst sharing your music. We are a local non-profit organisation looking to provide platforms for as many artist as possibleBeFunky Design

We have been blessed with working with many very talented individuals, whilst using our influence and platforms to help those talents blossom. Free interviews and acoustic sessions, free videography work for freestyles and so much more!
Not only do you get a platform to share your talents, but we get the satisfaction in helping to support others dreams.




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