The music organisation supporting local artists in East Sussex

"Music are what emotions would sound like" this quote alone should tell you how important music is for our society. There has been a serious decline in love over the past few generations and the sign of respect and love is slipping from our music. Here is a perfect example: • R&B in the late 90's would … Continue reading The music organisation supporting local artists in East Sussex


Face down musik, the music organisation supporting our community

Since the beginning we at Face down musik have been passionate about supporting our community. We pride ourselves on being big supporters of anyone trying to achieve a worthy goal, thats why we love doing live shows right here in  our home town of Eastbourne. Face down musik started early 2013 as a little project, … Continue reading Face down musik, the music organisation supporting our community

Knowledge is power promotions new site!

Whats your news years resolution?...... Make more music!?    More collabs!?     Write some new lyrics!?     Get on stage!? How about actually doing something that will push you forward this year! You need to get your music out there and we know exactly where to go! Contact today!! Why Knowledge is power promotions? … Continue reading Knowledge is power promotions new site!

Trading signals

Trading has always been a interest for a lot of people and thats not just because of 'wolf of wall street', but that film does shed light on the vast amount of money that can be gained through the stock markets. But how much do we know about the forex markets!? Did you know that … Continue reading Trading signals

Fatz YouTube channel

So Fatz aka me or is it me.... Ok there is a YouTube channel with various videos and support to health, wealth and generally doing a little better with some support. Go view to hate or support either way jot will be a view in my favour... haha This is a guideline … Continue reading Fatz YouTube channel

Billy Boi interview

We got the opportunity to catch up with BILLY BOI who is signed to Knowledge Is Power Promotions. With Billy Boi being so busy in he's music, it was rarity to catch some free time with this artist before he headed out again traveling the country performing and recording like there is no tomorrow! You can … Continue reading Billy Boi interview

City Of Ashes interview

We got a chance to catch up with our friends at City Of Ashes youtube at The Underground Theatre in Eastbourne, East Sussex. These guys have been supper busy launching their brand new album and touring the country! Their dedication to their art is admirable, as well as motivational for ourselves to move our asses! City Of … Continue reading City Of Ashes interview