The Face Down Musik Team.


Here at ‘Face Down Musik productions/entertainment’ we are constantly firing some hot ideas at each other, to create a bigger and better future for all involved. We are a group of individuals that will always look for that next level, as we are growing we are helping others grow.

Please check out some of the team below..



 FATZ  Co founder/manager at FDM, taken a step back from music to concentrate on building Face Down Musik Productions/entertainment as a organisation. With a great team looking for bigger and better talents. Handling all PR work, social media networking, filming, some editing, Written interviews, Blogging, All administration skills, Event coordinator, Promotional work  and gaining new connections. Fatz also has his own YouTube channel, containing hard hitting videos.






Supream can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and youtube. Supream can been seen in various videos all from Face down musik, True Mobster and hes own behind the scenes exclusive videos. Supream can be found using his editing skills on the video and photography side of a lot of Face down musik work. Supream is currently concentrating on his own musical talents, with the realese of the mixtape ‘The Takeover’  go check out this talented young man!




This is just some of what we do as a team here at ‘Face Down Musik Productions/entertainment’. Forever expanding and reaching out, everyday we are making new contacts. Some big things coming soon… WATCH OUT!!


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