Here at ‘Face Down Musik productions/entertainment‘ we are constantly firing some hot ideas at each other, to create a bigger and better impact. Face down musik are a group of individuals that will always looking to help, as we are growing we are helping others grow.

Face down musik has been able to achieve a lot over the years and with help and support of funding such as the national lottery, we have been able to give so much back to our community and help others dreams come true!
Below is the team that make it happen:

Untitled design-12

TWITTER: @mrfatztv






FATZ – Founder/owner of Face Down Musik.
A serial entrepreneur who also owns Modify Media, Mr Fatz TV and has written he’s own Social media business book for he’s business.
Fatz is well known within the local area for supporting many charities and encouraging others to chase their dream. Not only did Fatz create








PREAM – Manager of Face Down Musik
Pream can been seen in various videos all from Face down musik and hes own behind the scenes exclusive videos. Pream can be found using his editing skills on the video and photography side of a lot of Face down musik work. Pream is currently creating new music.


FACEBOOK: @Keyproductions






JOE – Founder and owner of Key Productions 
Joe is a dynamic creative mind, especially when it comes to filming and video production ideas. Running he’s own unique company and having a large influence in all of Face down musik’s projects, as well as Modify Media work productions.



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